“They are doing the wrong accounts”


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President Alberto Fernandez he assured in the middle of the announcement of the Gas Plan that the new incentive program focused on Vaca Muerta it will generate “a lot of investment and employment” and will allow to have exportable balances to strengthen the energy balance.

In this context, the former Secretary of Energy, In EMILIO, in dialogue with RePerfilAr, and commented that “They are not State policies” what was announced in Vaca Muerta, but rather “it begins to cover import needs”. The problem is that “Later they are falling due to the need that governments have of, when a moment comes, not paying for what the energy is worth and then sharing the cost between the people and the subsidies”.

For the former official: “They’re doing the math wrong.” Because in budgetary terms, 2 million dollars of subsidies were stipulated for next year and “the subsidies are going to be above 2 or 3 billion dollars”, If the rates remain frozen until the end of the following year.

Alberto criticized Macri’s rates and predicted gas self-sufficiency

This plan “is nonsense, because they destroy the whole system and more and more subsidies are going to be paid. ” It is not a plan for sustained development, but rather “this works to cover a little the expectations of next year and nothing more“Tokens.

In this sense, he warned that “we pay less than 50 percent of the price of the gas “, but this strategy does not encourage companies to invest. In contrast, the measures that were carried out during the Previous government “it caused 80 percent of the rate to be paid,” which “allowed gas production to increase more or less by 15 million cubic meters per day. Ldaily production was around 110 or 120 million, it was a significant increase”, He explained.

However, Apud said that the Techint Group’s investment in YPF “Had decreasing subsidies because as the gas rate was updated, the subsidies were falling “and the idea was that this would end in 2021.” Since April of last year the price of gas has been frozen and this produces a gap what makes what they will receive the oil companies to produce a unit of gas is two dollars and with that they cannot produce”.

“Since April of last year the price of gas has been frozen and this produces a gap which means that what the oil companies will receive for producing a unit of gas is two dollars and with that they cannot produce “

That is why this government “Generates a subsidy again to promote production” and sets an auction for a level of “70 million cubic meters per day so that companies can trade up to $ 3.70.”

Companies with this value “They have to invest if they enter this plan, if they do not increase production, they are left out “, explained Emilio Apud. And he added:”Production is going to increase and that means that next year we will have to import less natural gas”, .


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