They ask for 71 years for the ETA Anboto for delivering explosives for an attack

They ask for 71 years for the ETA Anboto for delivering explosives for an attack

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Madrid, Oct 11 (EFE) .- The National High Court judges the former ETA leader Soledad Iparraguirre, Anboto, on Tuesday, in what will be her second trial in Spain after being handed over by France. On this occasion, she faces 71 years in prison as a necessary cooperator in a grenade attack at the Buenavista Police Station in Oviedo in 1997.

In July, Iparaguirre, who was handed over a year ago to stand trial for a dozen cases, was sentenced for the first time in Spain to 122 years in prison for ordering the murder of the Army Commander Luciano Cortizo, in 1995 in León.

In this second trial, the Prosecutor’s Office accused him of having handed over to the members of the Katu command – Kepa Arronategui and Eneko Gogeascoechea, already convicted of these acts, in 1997 of explosive material, detonators, grenades and weapons “with express indication that the grenades were used immediately in the 1997 summer bombing campaign. “

“In execution of the orders issued by Anboto and provided with the material that had been provided by it for this purpose,” the two members of the command proceeded to attack the aforementioned Police Station on July 21, 1997, says the prosecutor in his provisional conclusions.

“With the intention of causing the death of as many police officers were found,” they placed, next to the trunk of a tree, “two explosive devices made up of mecar grenade launchers” oriented towards the police stations.

Around eight in the morning, three grenades were fired from the tubes, one of them exploded on the road, and another in the interior patio of Buenavista avenue, while the third did not explode and was found on the roof of a building by the Tedax.

Near the grenade launcher tubes, among some bushes, a “booby trap” was found that had set the alarm at nine in the morning, “in order to cause death” to the Tedax who came to deactivate it, says the letter .

As a result of the explosions that took place, a woman who was walking through the area was injured and there were also damages in several buildings, damages for which the Prosecutor’s Office requests that the ETA member compensate the injured and the Oviedo City Council.

The Prosecutor’s Office considers the facts constituting one crime of havoc, another of terrorist injuries and three crimes of attempted terrorist murder.

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