They assure in Racing Point that Stroll does not have COVID-19

They assure in Racing Point that Stroll does not have COVID-19

Stroll (FOTO: Racing Point F1 Team)

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Stroll (FOTO: Racing Point F1 Team)

In Racing Point it is insisted that Lance Stroll He did not contract COVID-19, but his physical condition is such that it was preferable that he did not participate in the F1 Eifel Grand Prix.

Shortly before qualifying this Saturday, the team announced that the Canadian would not take part in the event, so Nico Hulkenberg would be his replacement.

Otmar Szafnauer, team director, commented that Stroll has been tested for COVID-19 “three or four times,” always with a negative result.

However, a general malaise from Russia, a couple of weeks ago, which worsened with stomach problems in recent days, generated this late change in line-up.

“Since we left Russia it has not been so good,” he told the media. “We thought he had a bit of a cold, at first we thought we had to test him for the virus, we tested him several times, including the pre-event test for this race (Tuesday), and it was negative.

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“He doesn’t have the classic symptoms of COVID-19, he just doesn’t feel good about himself, he had an upset stomach last night, he was in the bathroom all the time.”

“He said he got rid of a lot of fluid and couldn’t get out of the toilet (with) long enough to get to a race car, so I don’t know if it’s something he ate, a bacteria or what.”

“We are going to have a double date on the way, he said he preferred to rest and prepare for that. We hoped it would get better and better ”.

Although F1 will not have action next week, the fact that they have to make trips to Portugal (October 25) and Imola (November 1) it requires an additional effort, within a campaign that is already demanding.

According to Szafnauer, Stroll made the decision 30 minutes before practice, but luckily for the team, Hulkenberg was in Cologne, very close to the racetrack; the German only had 40 minutes of work with the engineers before qualifying.

Stroll’s next COVID-19 test is expected in the next few hours.

The entrance They assure in Racing Point that Stroll does not have COVID-19 was published first in FASTmag.


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