they called him a fat ball

they called him a fat ball

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On October 5, Kate Winslet turned 45 in its fullness: considered one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, she is recognized for her talent and managed to stay away from the beauty stereotypes imposed by the industry. But his life, which took a turn from Titanic, was not always happy.

His childhood was hard: he spent several years between financial hardships and attacks by other children. “As a girl they called me fat ball. They laughed at me because I wanted to be an actress. They locked me in a closet, “she told me once through tears.

He was born on October 5, 1975 in Reading (England), into a humble family. Her parents, Roger John Winslet and Sally Ann Bridges, wanted to pursue acting, but only managed to do so sporadically because the money was not enough for them. Economic needs forced them to work, she as a girl and he as a builder of swimming pools.

Kate Winslet turned 45.

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Kate Winslet turned 45.

The children were four: in addition to Kate, there were Anna and Beth (now both are actresses) and a single boy, Joss. The performance was breathed in the home: all the Winslet children participated in plays at school and in a youth theater in the city, the mythical Foundations. This is how At just five years old, Kate made her first stage appearance as the Virgin Mary, in the Christmas representation of his school.

His companions they teased her for her robust physique. They nicknamed her “fat ball”, but the little girl overcame: “I did not lock myself up or give up my dream. I fought and faced all my insecurities,” she said. At school he participated in more plays, such as Alice in Wonderland and The lion, the witch and the wardrobe, and played Wendy in Peter Pan.

At age 11, she was accepted into the legendary Redroofs Drama School in Maidenhead. In parallel, he worked with the Starmaker Theater Company in Reading, for which he participated in more than two dozen plays. Although her overweight caused her to be discriminated against and not given leading roles.

Kate Winslet in "Heavenly Creatures", her first film.

Kate Winslet in “Heavenly Creatures”, her first film.

I wasn’t the prettiest and they told me I’d be lucky if I got fat roles. They told me it was not what they were looking for. That lack of kindness made me feel horrible, “he revealed. “I never had a perfect body and I very rarely heard anything positive, so I started to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. It was hard, I wanted to quit. ‘Maybe I should rethink this about acting’, I said to myself, but it was my passion and it made me happy ”.

So despite the successive rejections, he went ahead. The academy also functioned as an agency, bringing the best students to London for castings. That was how in 1994 she was one of the 175 girls who took the test for the psychological drama Celestial creatures, de Peter Jackson. The New Zealand director was struck by her intensity and cast her in the role that would mark her shocking film debut.

Her portrayal of Juliet Hulme, a teenager who helped her friend Pauline Parker murder her mother, attracted as much attention as the film based on a real case and marked the first hinge in his career.

Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Gemma Jones in "Sense and Feelings."

Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Gemma Jones in “Sense and Feelings.”

She was praised by critics and immediately landed her second job, in Sense and feelings, directed by Ang Lee. turned out nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress: I had already fully entered the Hollywood machine.

After acting in Jude, Michael Winterbottom, and playing Ophelia in the Hamlet by Kenneth Branagh, received the script by Titanic. Before making up his mind, he met with Emma Thompson, with whom I had worked in Sense and feelings. Legend has it that she told him: “Honey, you have to accept this.” Thus, he joined the filming of the blockbuster that would change his life forever.

“I was the girl who was told: ‘What a pity, because you have such a pretty face … ‘. One fine day I was selected to be Rose in Titanic. She was the most unlikely candidate. Kate from the Sandwich Shop in Reading acting in one of the greatest movies ever. You can be from anywhere and you can do anything ”, he would recall years later.

Kate Winslet and "Titanic".

Kate Winslet and “Titanic”.

Winslet tried out for the role opposite Matthew McConaughey, but then director James Cameron settled on Leonardo DiCaprio to play Jack. She was Rose a romantic heroine who broke the strict rules of the high society of which she was a part and lived an affair with a lower-class young man. In the end, after the shipwreck, he drowned when he gave up his place on the board to which they were clinging. Instead, she survived to tell the story.

Titanic it had a budget of 200 million dollars. The filming took place on the beach of Rosarito in Baja California, where a replica of the ship was created, and Winslet did not have a good time. Once he was about to drown, suffered hypothermia from being submerged in ice water and got the flu. After weeks of sleeping only four hours a day, she ended up exhausted and bruised all over her body.

“I would only work for Jim Cameron again for a lot of money,” the actress told the newspaper in 1998. Los Angeles Times. In 2012, before the premiere of Titanic In 3D, already reconciled with the director, she spoke about his severity on set: “Yes, he lost his cool, but only lose your cool when you have very good reasons”.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the famous table scene in "Titanic".

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the famous table scene in “Titanic”.

The film became the highest grossing in history, with a collection of 2,100 million dollars, a record that years later would be successively surpassed by Avatar and Avengers: Endgame. And won 11 Oscar, among which was not the performance of Winslet, who lost to Helen Hunt (Better … impossible).

Anyway, his presence on the screen was shocking. He did the first of several nudes that he would do throughout his career. Who does not remember her posing before her beloved Jack, lying on a sofa and wearing only a necklace, while he drew her? That scene from Titanic raised the temperature among the spectators and immortalized it.

I am a woman with curves: I do not have perfect breasts or zero cellulite. And if that is something that, in some way, encourages other women, it’s great, “she said in an interview, where she attributed his decision to show his body to the teasing he had suffered in his childhood for not fitting in with the patterns of hegemonic beauty.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet’s nude in “Titanic.”

“These kinds of things are what define our character. I was bullied for a long time from a very young age and it was horrible. But that helped me to become a stronger person. Deep in my subconscious, that’s one of the reasons I agreed to get naked on screen. ” Other movies in which he showed his body were Intimate secrets, The reader, Holy smoke and the miniseries Mildred Pierce.

It is also remembered the sex scene where she and Jack got into a car that was on board and fogged the windows of the vehicle with their passion. Both she and Leonardo DiCaprio were sprayed to make the sweat look more real. The experience united them forever: the actors forged a strong friendship on the set of Titanic, which remains to this day.

Titanic made her a superstar. It then received another five Oscar nominations, winning it in 2009 for The Reader. The others were for Iris: Indelible Memories, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Intimate secrets Y Steve Jobs.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have been friends since "Titanic."

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet have been friends since “Titanic.”

Winslet she is the mother of three children (Mia Honey Threapleton, 16, Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes, 13, and Bear Blaze Winslet, 3), the fruit of as many marriages. First she was married to assistant director Jim Threapleton, then to director Sam Mendes and now, since 2013, with tycoon Ned RocknRoll (born Edward Abel Smith).

Currently he takes work with ease. She shuns jobs that take her away from her children for a long time and likes to schedule her commitments to producing a movie to coincide with school holidays.

Next year we’ll see her in the sequel to Avatar, again at the command of James Cameron: It is seen that that lot of money that he was asking to work with him again finally appeared.


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