They claim that without ATP, the gap between costs and income becomes unsustainable

They claim that without ATP, the gap between costs and income becomes unsustainable

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The ‘gap’ between the volume of costs that private health establishments have today and the level of income is the main headache for the managers of these companies. And the outlook can only get worse if the assistance to the payment of salaries that arrived via ATP is not renewed in 2021. In this regard, economists María Laura Caullo and Azul Chincarini, from the Ieral, developed a study to put numbers to that gap. There they reported that the income index, after the failure to update the fees and nomenclators of Pami and Apross and the prepaid freeze, has stalled. “Presenting an initial scenario where the Covid-19 basket is not considered, the gap between the evolution of costs and income was reduced by half, remaining at 22%, when in the first quarter of 2020 it had been 40% . The evolution of the CPI exceeds both indicators. However, the scenario that is closest to reality includes the increase in the prices of Covid-19 supplies, where the gap is 34% ”, they point out.

The report details that the worst scenario is determined by the conjunction of the rise in prices of materials and supplies for the Covid-19 basket and the lack of the ATP benefit. In this case, the gap increases to 56% where the cost index experiences a variation of 10.8% with respect to the previous quarter explained by an increase of 37.4% in materials and supplies and a fall of 7.4 % of labor expenses. “As regards the second half of the year, the collective bargaining agreements agreed in July on non-remunerative amounts for health workers, while no updates have yet been made on the fees. In this sense, if the private clinics and sanatoriums of Córdoba are not beneficiaries of the ATP in the second semester, with the available information it can be estimated a 24% increase in labor costs in the remainder of the year compared to the first six months of 2020. Added to this, the exchange rate and inflation give few signs of retreat, which warns that the cost index will continue its upward course in the face of a stagnant level of income ”.


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