They denounce “a knife to the jugular”; beneficiary of Fipago

 They denounce


They denounce

They denounce “a knife to the jugular”; beneficiary of Fipago

Raúl Gil Sibaja López, defrauded by several thousand pesos, considered the eventual extinction of the Payment Trust (Fipago) that manages the Fund for the Strengthening of Savings and Loan Societies and Cooperatives, and of Support as “a knife to the jugular to Savers.

“We have been fighting for 12 years to recover our lost savings; When we had high expectations, the President, with the support of his federal deputies, determined to disappear it. I feel a lot of pain and helplessness, ”he said.

The also president of the United Front of Defrauded Savers of the State of Oaxaca (Fuado) said that in more than a decade of struggle in the streets some of his companions died; they became alcoholics or drug addicts; they developed incurable diseases and broke family ties. Some more gave up their demand for justice.

“It is not fair that Fipago disappears without a serious diagnosis; not everything has the veil of corruption, in addition, in this case, the Ministry of Finance heads the technical committee and is supervised by the National Banking Commission; it is not handled as it is, “he said.

He said that in the first quarter of this year “around five thousand defrauded were about to collect, but the pandemic arrived and everything was parked and now the disappearance of the Trust is announced,” he lamented.

“That money is labeled, it is already safe, it has to be applied this year. Those who saved from one peso to 40 thousand are included in the package, “he said.

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