they discover 40 attendees at a party

they discover 40 attendees at a party

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Since the pandemic was declared and the quarantine, the security forces dismantled several clandestine parties throughout the entire country. This Sunday morning, the scene was repeated in La Plata when at least 40 people, most of them young adults, were notified by members of the Buenos Aires Police for breaking the quarantine arranged by the national government to try to stop the advance of the coronavirus.

Police sources reported that the celebration was held in the heart of the city, a few meters from Plaza Italia, where around 40 people attended. Although last Friday Governor Axel Kicillof announced some of the flexibilities, which benefited the provincial capital, social gatherings are still prohibited within the framework of social, preventive and compulsory isolation (ASPO).

This Sunday at dawn, residents of the area reported to 911 that in a house located on Calle 46, between 5 and 6, a party was being held, with the majority of young people who were “heavily drunk.”

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In this regard, the neighbors believe that the call was made through social networks, but they clarified that this It is not the first clandestine party to be held at that address, since they would come from several weekends altering the area.

This time the celebration began at 1:00 in the morning and lasted until 5:00 this Sunday. Everything stopped when the police arrived and they found a large number of people in the house. In this context, they detailed that “there were screams, fights and they broke windows.”

Among the clandestine parties that have been disrupted in recent months, the most notorious was one that occurred in Villa Elisa. On that occasion, the Municipality of La Plata surprised more than 80 people, although it was not known if that is the number of people who were in the place because many left before the authorities intervened.


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