They exhibit dinosaur considered the “grandfather” of the T-Rex and is for sale

They exhibit dinosaur considered the

The skeleton of a Allosaurus, dinosaur considered the “Grandfather” of the T-Rex, who prowled for prey in Wyoming, United States, more than 150 million years ago It will be sold at auction for more than a million dollars.

The skeleton of an Allosaurus, a dinosaur considered the

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The skeleton of an Allosaurus, a dinosaur considered the “grandfather” of the T-Rex, will be sold at auction. Photo: AFP

The rare fossil of Allosaurus is exhibited at the Hotel Drouot auction house in Paris, France, where it will be auctioned by Maison Binoche et Giquello on October 13.

Alexandre Giquello, auctioneer of the exhibition said that this dinosaur “is a relatively rare piece, we organized a sale in my auction house and we are lucky to have this large, very complete fossil about 70% and above all admirably restored”.

“This is to some extent the ancestor of the T-Rex, it is 145 million years before our era, while the T-Rex is approximately 70 million years before our era, they are very rare pieces” Alexandre Giquello

This dinosaur was discovered in Johnson County, Wyoming, which is one of the places in the United States where the Allosaurus lived in the late Jurassic period between 145 and 161 million years BC

This particular skeleton is estimated to be over 150 million years old, it is 3.5 meters high and 10 meters long.

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Expected to sell between 1 and 1.4 million dollars at auction next week.

What are Allosaurus?

Allosaurus means “different reptile”, it was one of the first discoveries of dinosaurs, and paleontologists they consider him the “grandfather” of the T-Rex.

The discovery of this type of dinosaurs is not common despite having been the largest predator in the plains and lowlands in AmNorth America during the late Jurassic period.

It was the largest and most common carnivore of the time in the central United States, a territory that today is the states of Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, the Allosaurus tIt had strong three-fingered forelimbs and sharp claws.

The carnivore is believed to have preyed on large herbivorous dinosaurs although evidence of cannibalism in the species was discovered earlier this year when researchers they discovered fossils covered with ancient bite marks.


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