They find bags with alleged stolen cancer drugs in CDMX

They find bags with alleged stolen cancer drugs in CDMX

Authorities of Mexico City (CDMX) reported that 27 large bags were found that allegedly contained the cancer treatment that was stolen from the Iztapalapa mayor’s office last October 4.

People arrested for these events are not reported. Photo: SSC

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People arrested for these events are not reported. Photo: SSC

  • The discovery of the supposed drugs for cancer was possible thanks to a citizen complaint.

The Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) detailed that the oncological drugs were found in the streets of the Azcapotzalco mayor’s office after they received a request for assistance received from the operators of the Command and Control Center (C2) Poniente, who alerted about some people who, in an unusual attitude, threw several large garbage bags from a truck in the Trabajadores neighborhood.

“Immediately, the field officers approached the site where they interviewed the complainant, who said that several subjects, aboard a white truck, they left the garbage bags on the sidewalk and left towards the Vallejo roadThis fact seemed very strange to him, for which he contacted C2 ”, says the SSC in a statement.

The uniformed officers who inspected the bags, which were broken, and observed that there were boxes of medicines, for which they inquired in open sources about the names of the medicines and learned that it was about products used in treatments for people with cancer, for which they requested support from the personnel of the Emergency Medical Rescue Squad (ERUM) for the correct management.

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The ERUM paramedics confirmed that the names written on the boxes “Fluourouracilo” Y “Cyclophosphamide“, What are they oncological treatments.

In addition, in the visual inspection, on one side of the boxes, it was possible to read “Property of the Health Sector Forbidden Its Sale”, so they immediately protected the bags and informed the agent of the Public Ministry in the Investigation Prosecutor’s Office of the area, who learned of the facts and will carry out the corresponding investigations, while the SSC officers cordoned off the place.

So far, the authorities They have not confirmed that it is the cancer drug that was stolen a few days ago; the status of these medications has not been reported either.

  • People detained for these events are not reported.


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