They foresee a strong summer season for the Province

They foresee a strong summer season for the Province


Attentive to the latest statements and ‘signals’ from the Nation, in the country there would be a summer tourism season, which will not be like in times of pre-pandemic normality, but with a modality limited to the prevention measures imposed by the Covid-19. But the tourism sector, one of the worst hit in this anomalous year, is beginning to have a horizon of medium predictability.

The announcement by the Minister of Transportation of the Nation, Mario Meloni, that tomorrow or at the latest next Thursday, international, regional and cabotage flights will resume (it remains to be known what will happen with land transport), was received as a ‘ good news’.

However, although Meoni said that “it is important to recover cabotage,” he insisted again that “the position of the governors will be decisive, which will condition the return of flights to the different jurisdictions.” From the Anac they consider that, once the domestic flights have been reestablished, they will all join.

PROFILE CÓRDOBA learned that the Province will allow the arrival of regular cabotage flights, although it is discounted that these will be with limited frequencies. It is ruled out that those who want to use these services will have to have a ‘unique certificate of circulation authorization’.

For his part, the head of the Tourism and Sports portfolio, Matías Lammens, estimated that due to “exchange issues” there would be a “very strong” tourism season in national destinations and mentioned Córdoba, Bariloche and the Atlantic Coast as the most demanded .

In that sense, it should be remembered that National Tourism launched the ‘Pre-trip’ program on Thursday by which, those who buy their tourist package for 2021 this year, will obtain a credit refund of 50% of their purchase, which they can use on that trip or another in 2021 in national products of providers registered in the program (

Unified protocol

Although the national authorities consider that one could speak of the summer season only as of next December –which would extend to January and part of February– in Córdoba, both from the official and private sectors, they estimate that the tentative date to start to tourist activities would be on November 15. There are even those who risk bringing it forward to November 1.

In this context, the work table formed in the Córdoba Tourism Agency by businessmen, health and community authorities and receptive tourism providers, will develop a unified protocol of circulation within the province so that there are no different requirements between one department and another.

One of the measures would be to cancel the obligation to quarantine those who enter Córdoba. It would be announced these days, but in fact the checkpoints at the entrance of many cities and towns have already been removed.

In this regard, the president of the Cordovan Association of Travel Agencies (Acav), Gustavo Peralta, indicated: “It seeks to achieve a ‘salable’ product, first for the people of Cordoba and then for visitors from other parts of the country. One of the ideas that is being studied is that there be a single circulation protocol throughout the province ”.

And he mentioned that “today (on Thursday) the gradual reopening of Bariloche was known, which would begin with a ‘pilot test’ with 500 tourists at the end of October, to prepare and adjust everything. This is a measure that we could also apply in Córdoba ”, he stated.

Cordoba prepares

In the next few days, the Córdoba Tourism Agency will announce a package of offers and initiatives aimed at attracting visitors. One of them will be the ‘Catalog of Tourist Experiences’, which will include, in addition to traditional circuits, new routes and accommodation modalities, both in established and emerging destinations.

The initiative, said the head of the ACT, Esteban Avilés, “will be implemented through a commercial platform of the Chamber of Tourism, with packages tailored to future travelers who will be able to have a catalog that will range from a media outlet day until a complete vacation ”.

Designed in principle as a format to be used by Cordobans within Córdoba, when flights are opened (and if the same happens with medium and long-distance buses) these packages can also be purchased from anywhere in the country, to use them from January onwards.

Magic Corners

The Cordovan ‘Magic Corners’ project aims to promote and disseminate hidden destinations in the provincial territory; small towns and villages that preserve their identity and idiosyncrasy, their natural and cultural heritage, architecture, traditions, gastronomy, landscapes, crafts and even the origin of their inhabitants, characteristics that make them different.

The planned actions, which begin in locations with less than 5,000 inhabitants but will be extended to others with a larger population, with agency resources, contemplate fixing, painting, adding value to those small destinations and highlighting the differential characteristics that make them unique and attractive. There are already more than 90 registered and selected towns and villages, but expectations are to long exceed one hundred.

In the current context and also prior to the start of the season, the agency promotes a virtual marketplace (online supermarket) with the Chamber of Tourism to boost sales of tourism products.


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