‘They had to let Messi out’

'They had to let Messi out'

Striker Luis Suárez gave his opinion on Messi’s decision to leave Barcelona and said the club should respect the player’s decision, in an interview with “ESPN”. The Uruguayan also confirmed that he supported his former teammate at all times, but he also did not rule out a stay of shirt 10 in Catalonia.

Messi has a contract with Barcelona only until the end of the season (Photo: MIGUEL RIOPA / AFP)

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Messi has a contract with Barcelona only until the end of the season (Photo: MIGUEL RIOPA / AFP)

– The fact that Messi wanted to leave Barcelona was not a gesture because of me. They had to respect his decision to want to leave. Out of respect for the relationship I have with Leo, I won’t say what we talked about, but it was a very difficult and complicated situation. He wanted to go and the club wouldn’t let him. I tried to support you.

Despite almost leaving this season, Atletico Madrid’s number nine believes that if there are changes at Barça, Messi can continue wearing the blaugrana shirt.

– Leo is aware of what it is for Barcelona. He gave things that the club never imagined. He has to remain number one, the best and be happy. There is a possibility that Messi will play in another club, but if he feels comfortable and happy again and another board comes, he will want to stay at the club. As a friend, I’ll be happy if I’m right there and if I have to go to another team, too.

With a contract until the end of the season, Messi can sign a pre-contract with a new team starting in January. Barcelona is going through a period of deep political crisis in the last year of Josep Maria Bartomeu’s term. Despite this, on the pitch the Argentine has responded and helped the team in the beginning of the season.


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