They identify a terrorist who beheaded a teacher in Paris; I was 18 years old

 They identify a terrorist who beheaded a teacher in Paris; I was 18 years old

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The boss of the French National Antiterrorist Prosecutor, Jean-François Ricard reported that they have already identified the subject who murdered a history teacher in a suburb of Paris last Friday.

He is an 18-year-old young man of Chechen origin born in Moscow in 2002. Abdulakh A. has refugee status and his residence permit was issued on March 4 and would be valid until March 2030.

The Russian embassy in Paris disclosed that the attacker had officially lived in France for the past 12 years.

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Ricard indicated that the attacker published in Twitter a photograph of the corpse of his victim accompanied by a message in which he confessed to the murder.


At the beginning of October, the teacher had shown his students cartoons from Muhammad in a civics class on free speech.

According to reports, the situation upset several Muslim parents.

The teacher Samuel Paty had filed a defamation complaint after the school received threats for its teaching methods.

The prosecutor also added that one of the detainees involved in the case was a relative of someone who had been a member of the terrorist group of the Islamic State.


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