“They must not win”, the message of hope from a young student at Samuel Paty’s college


The testimony of a young boy, a student in the college where Samuel Paty taught, touched many Internet users with his maturity, his calm and his lofty spirit, in the face of the atrocious death of his beheaded history teacher in the midst of Friday street.

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“What maturity”, “a ray of sunshine in the fog”, “bravo to him” …. The testimony of a student of the college of Bois d’Aulne where taught Samuel Paty, decapitated history professor Friday evening in the street in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, is shared many times on Twitter this weekend.

The young boy, Pope Byram, came on Saturday in front of his college in this town of Yvelines, the day after the terrorist attack which moved the whole of France. “This is very serious. We must come together to protest against this barbarism and violence. This is not normal, ”said the young man at the microphone of journalist Clément Lanot. Upon learning of the drama, he says he “cried”. “It is very very serious that we can be murdered when we unveil a caricature. It’s very, very serious. ”

“We can no longer say anything suddenly and that is not possible”

Video: Professor killed in Conflans-Saint-Honorine: “We no longer know what to do. Are we no longer sending our children to school? ” (Dailymotion)

He returns to the event which seems to have a link with the death of the father of the family: he had recently shown caricatures of Muhammad to his fourth grade students as part of a course on freedom of expression. Some parents were upset, especially on social networks. “He suggested to the students (Muslims, who could have been shocked by the cartoons, Editor’s note) to go out, says the boy. They have decided not to go out. He could very well have put the caricature and voila. On the contrary, he still has a benevolence, he judges. He said: “I suggest you go out because it may shock you, mark you” “.

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“People said he was a racist, that he didn’t like Muslims … Things that had absolutely nothing to do with what he projected on the board.” He said to himself “that if now as soon as you show your students a caricature, you become racist”, that means that “we can no longer say anything suddenly and that is not possible”, continues the teenager in front of the camera. “I’m really scared because I tell myself that at any time, we can be attacked when in fact it is not supposed to happen”, he confides again.

Pope Byram also says he is “worried” “for the whole college” of Bois d’Aulne, touched in the heart, on the eve of the All Saints holidays. “We must not give them that”, to the terrorists, he insists. “I think they don’t deserve this. On the contrary, we must continue to learn. They must not win (…) Otherwise the terrorists will say: “We killed them, and now they don’t learn any more, they don’t want to come back” ”. “We must continue to come, we must not let go. We have the right to speak, ”he insists.

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