This Beauty Essence with spring water should not be missing in any beauty routine

This Beauty Essence with spring water should not be missing in any beauty routine

Everyone has probably already had this experience: The complexion looks pale and tired – despite an elaborate beauty routine! The problem of what stands in the way of beautiful skin? Often an essential care step is forgotten: the application of a clarifying essence! It is at the heart of Korean cosmetics and is currently becoming increasingly popular in Europe too. No wonder: after all, it finally lets the skin shine!

Beauty Essence for glowing skin Imaxtree

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Beauty Essence for glowing skin Imaxtree

Multitasker for beautiful skin: how an essence provides that extra glow

An Essence is an effective beauty booster that fulfills several skin needs for beautiful skin: The Essence ensures good moisture penetration, promotes cell renewal and also makes the skin receptive to subsequent care products such as serums, creams and masks. The liquid essence is applied all over the face as an intermediate step after the Toner and before the serum.

Smart 2-in-1 product: That’s why the Essence from Accoje is our favorite for beautiful skin

We love multitaskers: They simplify our beauty routine and are good for the skin. This is precisely why the 2-in-1 product from Accoje is our favorite. Because the product combines the cleansing effect of a facial toner with a beneficial essence. The latter vitalizes the skin within seconds, thanks to a high-dose, exclusive active ingredient complex. Hand-picked Echinacea flowers from the Korean volcanic island of Jeju meet filtered spring water that is extracted from the 420-meter-deep volcanic soil. This combination helps ensure that the essence is particularly rich in nutrients and valuable minerals.

If the vitamins, minerals and proteins penetrate deep into the skin, the complexion immediately begins to glow. Especially in winter, when the skin is stressed by heating air, wind and cold, tired cells benefit from the hybrid product. The effect: the essence nourishes, nourishes and vitalizes cells for beautiful skin. In addition, it thickens the upper skin layer after cleaning. This allows the light to reflect better and the skin has a wonderful effect Glow.

Everything in the green area: Accoje’s purity law

The Korean volcanic island of Jeju is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is known for its intact ecosystem and the unique mineral-rich soil. This is another reason why the flowers and plants on the island are particularly rich in nutrients. Based on these natural treasures, the Accoje label creates highly efficient and 100 percent natural facial care. The Essence is vegan and free from alcohol, PEG, parabens, parafins, artificial fragrances and colorings.


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