This is how you motivate your child to learn

This is how you motivate your child to learn

Our children’s daily lives are frighteningly timed. School, homework, and hobbies take up a large part of the time, leaving little room for free play and meeting friends.


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To make matters worse, there is also a lot of homework, which is often difficult to do after a long day at school. We have a few tips for you on how you can motivate your child to consolidate what they have learned, do homework and prepare exams properly.

With these tips you will motivate your child to learn

Point of time

Find out together when is the best time to do homework. Because in summer every child would like to play outside in the afternoons. Then it doesn’t matter if your offspring doesn’t start their tasks until around 5 p.m. However, you should allow every child a proper lunch break.

Die Routine

Whether after lunch or after playing: Homework time should be a regular part of your everyday life. This prevents you from having to discuss things every day. This little rule is helpful with homework.

The atmosphere

The siblings are romping around the kitchen table and your big one is supposed to solve a math problem? That is not how it works. Doing homework must be done in a calm atmosphere. When it’s homework time, you have to keep the little ones busy.


The desk by the window, a good, comfortable chair, a couple of nice colored pencils: and you’ll learn better. Surprise your child more often with a funny eraser or new sticky notes. Because most children are motivated by good equipment.

This also includes designing the desk together. Frame a picture or photo, find a suitable system of organization and put up a few fresh plants or flowers. Your offspring will feel comfortable and can start motivated.

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How much help does your child need?

Whether you offer your little one help with homework or not, you have to decide individually. The only important thing is not to put your child under pressure. Because if you get impatient, set a time limit or even scold him, the motivation sinks. So first let your child start on their own and only intervene if they have questions – this promotes independence and prevents arguments.

to eat and drink

You know it from yourself: after a heavy lunch you would like to sleep. A lot of vegetables, some meat and whole wheat pasta are better as a midday snack: they keep you full for a long time and are not heavy on the stomach. The same applies to the afternoon snack: nuts and fruits are real motivational boosters here. Sweets such as chocolate or cake, however, are not recommended.

Good advice is expensive

If your child doesn’t feel like doing their homework, there is no point in scolding or saying things like, “You’ll never become a vet like this!” Because the importance of learning and doing homework for children is a lengthy process. Make it a routine to draw your conclusions in a quiet atmosphere at the end of the week.

What did the child do well? What goals does your little one have? What’s the point of learning math again? Clarifying these questions calmly makes it clear to your child, step by step, what school is actually important for. The older your offspring get, the more motivation it means.

Praise and reward

It is important that you offer your child small goals. Threats or scolding are demotivating and do not help. It is better to find a goal that is within reach of the child: “Now we can do the math for tomorrow and then we can play your card game.” So your child can divide the tasks into small steps and does not have to face a big mountain every day.

Study groups can help

Are you faced with the physics tasks yourself at a loss? Then organize a study group with your child. Maybe there are nice classmates who understand the material well and want to study together for an exam. This saves your child the boring tutoring and can still give him help with homework.

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