This is what happens when you swap out your regular care for CBD care

This is what happens when you swap out your regular care for CBD care

This is what happens when you swap out your regular care for CBD care

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This is what happens when you swap out your regular care for CBD care

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We don’t know much about the new active ingredient cannabidiol (CBD), except that it is extracted from hemp and that it seems so promising that numerous studies are trying to prove its effectiveness. Sounds like the beginnings of hyaluronic acid – and it became one of the most sought-after ingredients of all. Trying is better than studying, but we can still obtain comprehensive information before we start with the CBD care getting started. A beauty editor for the online magazine put it to the test and switched her entire skin care routine to CBD beauty. So much in advance: She has not regretted her decision.

Great expectations: CBD instead of hyaluron, retinol and co?

While the scientific evidence is still in the works, CBD has a pretty good reputation. The focus is on strong anti-inflammatory propertywhich is attributed to him. Inflammation in the skin can cause all sorts of problems – for example acne, redness, dry spots, rosacea or eczema. Creams and serums with cannabidiol are supposed to remedy all of these flaws. So theoretically it could CBD Say goodbye to long-established stars such as hyaluronic acid, retinol or vitamin C. It is understandable that the author’s expectations were high – at least as high as the concern that her skin problems could worsen with the change of routine.

A perfect complexion in two weeks

During her test phase, the author used a facial oil with CBD, a serum, an eye cream, a body lotion and lip care, as well as CBD face masks. Instead of worsening her complexion as feared, she was impressed by the results after two weeks: Pigment spots were lighter, red spots had disappeared, and overall her skin looked fresher and healthier. Her complexion was even, as one dreams of it. Dark circles were also less.

Other influencers proudly present their skin cared for with CBD on Instagram:

Why do without it? CBD combination care

It was of course very brave that the author left her favorite beauty aids in the closet for two weeks. You don’t have to do without, however, in order to get the beneficial properties of CBD into your care routine. The range from Nordic Cosmetics combines CBD with classic active ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C or avocado oil and thus cares for your skin as comprehensively as possible. Ob Eye cream, Bodybutter or Facial serum – You can try out whatever your heart desires here.


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