this mystery that surrounds his alliance

Elizabeth II: the mystery that surrounds her alliance

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Elizabeth II: the mystery that surrounds her alliance

Married to Prince Philip for more than seven decades, Queen Elizabeth II is full of secrets, and her wedding ring is one of them. In his work “Prince Philip: Reveal”; royal biographer Ingrid Seward tells more about this great mystery.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip will soon be celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary. Indeed, the royal couple said “Yes” November 20, 1947 in Westminster Abbey, London. Known for her reserve, Her Majesty keeps many secrets for herself and her husband. In his book entitled Prince Philip : Revealed, royal biographer Ingrid Seward mentions one of them. This is the mystery surrounding the alliance of the Queen of England.At least Philip didn’t have to pay for the wedding ring, as the people of Wales provided a Welsh gold nugget from which the ring was made, ” relates the expert, cited by the Harper’s Bazaar. The author also reveals that the Duke of Edinburgh reserved a surprise for his sweetheart at the time. And not the least. “Inside the ring is an inscription. Nobody knows what it says except the engraver, the queen and her husband,” she continues. A mystery that still endures …

In addition to her wedding ring, Queen Elizabeth has many pieces of jewelry that she is very fond of. This is the case of the brooch adorned with a turquoise stone and studded with diamonds, which she wore on Sunday April 5, on the occasion of a recorded speech at Windsor Castle, to thank the British for their efforts in the context of the epidemic crisis of the new coronavirus. This brooch called the “Queen Mary Turquoise and Diamond Brooch” has both historical and symbolic significance since it belonged to his grandmother, as pointed out The Mirror. Queen Mary had given him a gift on her wedding day to the Duke of York in 1893.

“It’s my rock”

Very discreet, Queen Elizabeth has however expressed her love for her husband on several occasions. In 1997, on their wedding anniversary, she said about her dear and loving: “He’s someone who doesn’t take compliments easily, but he’s just been my strength.” Then, in 2011, the monarch had reiterated her statements. “He is my rock. He was simply my strength and my support”, she had confided. Words could not be more touching, which must have gone straight to the heart of Philip Mountbatten.


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