“This photo is enough to burn our hearts”


"This photo is enough to burn our hearts"

“This photo is enough to burn our hearts”

The Ministry of National Defense reacted to Armenia’s attack in Ganja, Azerbaijan, hit by ballistic missiles, with photographs of murdered babies.

In the post on the Twitter account of the Ministry of National Defense (MSB) with the photograph of the baby wrapped in a shroud who lost his life in the attack, people who speak different languages ​​and live in different geographies were called and recorded:

“This little baby was killed by the Armenian army with a ballistic missile while he was asleep at night. Our language, religion, country may be different, but this photo is enough to burn our hearts. Maybe you see this photo for the first time, but the Azerbaijani people have been living with the same photo for 30 years. 30 years ago. Armenia, which murdered babies in Khojaly, continues the same murder today. If there are human beings who can see this scene and can keep silent, be silent!


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