This trend from the cult series “Friends” is now back

This trend from the cult series


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It has now been more than fifteen years since the last episode of the cult series “Friends” about Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey ran on television. A comeback with the old actors was actually planned for 2020 – after all, the series was the acting breakthrough for almost all of them. Due to the corona pandemic, production like so much else has to be postponed indefinitely. Nevertheless, the series will be back this fall – albeit in a different form. As the website “” writes, the blazer made of leather or a material with a leather look is back as a fashion trend this year. In the series it was part of the typical look of Jennifer Aniston (51) played character Rachel Green. If you are still looking for something to get through the cold season warm and stylish, the blazer could be a tip for you. It’s almost a must-have for all “Friends” fans!

That’s why the trend from the “Friends” series is back

Much speaks for the leather blazer and its cool look: On the one hand, it combines elegance and casualness with its classic cut and the special material it reminds us of the coolness of leather jackets. On the other hand, in addition to this mixture, the models can also score with their retro charm. They transport us to the exact time when the ten seasons of “Friends” were broadcast – that is, the 90s and 00s. Many stars who became famous during this time wore the garment back then. Regardless of whether Gwyneth Paltrow (48), Cindy Crawford (54) or Winona Ryder (48) – they all scored points in their leather blazers.

After it had already become apparent last year, the leather blazer has really returned this fall, supported by the general retro hype. The website “”, which specializes in fashion topics, is even drawn to the conclusion that the blazer, with its comeback, has meanwhile replaced the biker jacket as a trendy item of clothing. In order to underline this, we also point out that such renowned brands as Chloé, Proenza Schouler and Tod’s are now designing new leather blazers.

At the “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tbilisi” All labels actually had at least one leather blazer in their collections. And they know why.

This is what distinguishes Jennifer Aniston’s blazers

Jennifer Aniston wore different leather blazers in the series. Often in black, but also cream-colored, red or brown models were there. The revival is now dominated by muted colors. The cut is usually deliberately wide, and the blazer is often not tailored. Instead, the designers mostly orient themselves towards the shape of men’s jackets. Otherwise, most labels simply let the supple and matt-glossy material work and forego any other eye-catching details. Slight accents are only used for the buttons.

If you buy the item of clothing made of real leather, it is also a small investment – but the blazers are also so timeless that they can always come back as a trend. If you live vegan or generally want to forego clothing made from animal products, there are also models that are made from an imitation leather.

This is how the leather blazer can be combined

Since you put on the blazer, it can be combined with a wide variety of clothes. So at the beginning of autumn you can wear it over a simple white T-shirt. But if the temperatures drop significantly, it can also be combined with a warm sweater and worn under a trench coat or winter coat. The garment can therefore accompany you through all the colder months.

“” recommends – beautiful to mimic Rachel Green’s series style the combination with the simplest possible items of clothing, for example with t-shirts in restrained colors that do without a conspicuous pattern, or with blue jeans and sneakers. If the “Friends” reference is not that important to you, you have a lot more options, of course. The British brand Alexander McQueen, for example, combined its models on the catwalk with trousers also made of leather. If that’s a little too much leather for you, you can stick to the tip from “”: The website recommends matching Marlene pants with a blazer as an alternative.

With its mix of elegance and casualness, the blazer can be worn on a wide variety of occasions. You can put it on for work, but you can just as easily wear it for a more festive occasion. Thanks to the leather, the pieces remain something special and are always a real eye-catcher. And if you don’t like leather: Other types of blazers that are also suitable for the colder months use cotton, linen or velvet for the material.

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