This was the serious accident of William Levy’s son

This was the serious accident of William Levy's son

A few days ago on a television program the news began to circulate that the son of William Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez had suffered an accident aboard a golf cart, at the time not much was known about what happened, only that the little boy was taken by helicopter to the hospital and that he has remained there since then, but neither his father nor his mother had spoken about it, They recently took their accounts on networks to thank their son for showing their support and more details about the accident were released.

William Levy: This was the serious accident of his son

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William Levy: This was the serious accident of his son

It is known that he was driving the cart and in one of the security cameras of a nearby house he sees how the vehicle makes a sharp turn and the weight of the vehicle falls on it, it was also revealed thatand was accompanied by another two girls of 13 and 14 years who were shot in the accident and were also injured, including your call to emergency services was leaked In which he is very nervous, especially due to the consequences of the accident when his parents found out.

The wounds of Christopher Levy They were in the knees and although they turned out not to be so serious, if it took a while before he managed to recover completely, a situation that is somewhat worrying since the boy was starting a career in the world of sports and these injuries could keep him away from baseball games for a few months, but luckily is already recovering and the surgeries he underwent were successful.

His parents shared messages thanking their fans for their support and prayers for the child’s speedy recovery and thanked God for not abandoning the children: “We know that God was there with him and the other children, and we have nothing but words of gratitude to God, who never fails us! May he heal Christopher so that he can continue to be a shining light on the baseball field and in all areas of his life. “, was what Levy said.


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