Threats and accusations fuel war over Morena’s leadership

Threats and accusations fuel war over Morena's leadership

Mexico City. The candidate to the national leadership of Morena and federal deputy Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, reiterated that he was the winner of the survey to define said position and summoned the president of the National Electoral Institute, Lorenzo Córdova, to recognize his triumph: “I invite you to rectify or resign ”.

Porfirio Muñoz Ledo and Mario Delgado Carrillo will meet in a third poll for the Morena presidency on a date yet to be defined. Photo Marco Peláez

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Porfirio Muñoz Ledo and Mario Delgado Carrillo will meet in a third poll for the Morena presidency on a date yet to be defined. Photo Marco Peláez

Separately, and by reiterating a call for unity, the coordinator of Morena’s federal deputies and also a candidate for the party’s presidency, Mario Delgado, ordered the Morenoites to put aside the disqualifications since the divisions benefit the right But he pointed out that a party whose leadership does not travel the country does not serve the Fourth Transformation.

The INE announced on Friday that there was a technical tie between the two applicants, for which a new tiebreaker survey will be conducted.

“Lorenzo Córdova, head of Mexican democracy, affirmed that the internal contest is tied by 5 hundredths, he should know that a single vote is won. Supine ignorance or bad faith. He refused to acknowledge my victory ”, Muñoz Ledo spread yesterday on social networks.

Later, in a press conference, the former ambassador announced that he will go this Monday at noon to the party headquarters at 216 Chihuahua Street in the Roma neighborhood, to take office as leader “because I won, and I’m not going to stop back, everyone knows that I have never cracked “; He also called on supporters to attend the event, “but if it is not legally possible, I speak symbolically or legally, I am declaring my victory there.”

At night, in a meeting with supporters, Muñoz Ledo said that the resources used by Mario Delgado are not obtained “not even by robbing the country’s banks; that amount means that there was money laundering or money from the narco”. He called on the Morenoites to “react by all means” since it is “a national danger”, and assured that the purpose of the group that supports Delgado is to corner the President of the Republic to stay in power.

For his part, at a press conference in Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mario Delgado asked to let the population define the future of the party leadership “because Morena does not belong to anyone, she does not belong to any group. Morena is the people ”. The legislator declared that he was ready for the new survey, and stated: “A party in conflict, a leadership that is questioning our government, does not serve a leadership that does not have the ability to travel the entire country” .

Muñoz Ledo clarified that he will not prevent his name from appearing in the third survey, but warned that he will present a challenge to the electoral court. He also accused Delgado Carrillo of a millionaire display for billboards in the country. “The big question is who pompó, and who’s next pompando? We are talking about a coup that can be repeated in the elections ”.

Video: Muñoz Ledo asks the president of the INE to recognize his victory in a poll by Morena (Millennium)

Muñoz Ledo asks the president of the INE to recognize his victory in a poll by Morena



Meanwhile, Delgado Carrillo cited Andrés Manuel López Obrador. “Our President used to say that there are many people for so little leadership. We have to change that ”.

80 deputies, with Porfirio

A group of more than 80 federal and local deputies from Morena endorsed Porfirio Muñoz Ledo as the winner of the poll. Although they indicated that the difference was minimal, they asked Mario Delgado, also a candidate for the position, “to accept the will of the militancy and honor their word to recognize any result.

Through a joint statement, the legislators accused that the tiebreaker poll announced by the National Electoral Institute (INE) is an attempt to give Delgado more time to achieve victory. While the former ambassador obtained 25.34 percent of the preferences, Delgado Carrillo had 25.29 percent. “These results give Muñoz Ledo the winner. He won the two polls, with full respect for the rules and in unequal conditions, with the decision of the militancy that chose the path of principles and values.

“Everything indicates that we are facing an attempt to give more time to second place in order to proclaim ourselves the winner, despite having been surpassed in two polls,” expressed the Morenoites in the statement signed by Lorena Villavicencio, Aleida Alavez, Víctor Varela, Ricardo Delsol, Idalia Reyes Miguel, Laura Imelda Pérez and at least 75 other rubrics.


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