Three rules for curly hair

Three rules for curly hair

Each hair requires specific care, and curly hair, in particular, a separate routine.

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The Cover Media team asked the hair pro and founder of Southern Curl in Atlanta, Robin Sjoblom, for advice. He gave us three.

1.It starts with the shampoo

“The secret to perfect curly hair is a clean foundation,” says the specialist. «Products that contain harsh chemicals, silicones and waxes can cause an accumulation of impurities and make our locks dull, lifeless. A clean hair is an indication of a healthy scalp and luminous curls, full of vitality ».

2.Let’s stay away from the heat

“Warm curls aren’t happy curls!” Assures Robin. “Let them dry naturally and take shape on their own.”

3. Seasonal care

What works for our curls in the spring or summer may not work in the fall and winter.

“Let’s not throw our products away, rather let’s use them in different ways, or keep them for next season. We try different combinations and styling techniques to create new looks ”, added the expert. “Be ingenious and show off your gorgeous curls as much as possible!”


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