TJMG increases sentence for drug dealer convicted of ‘drug delivery’ in Salinas

TJMG increases sentence for drug dealer convicted of 'drug delivery' in Salinas

The 6th Criminal Chamber of the Court of Justice of Minas Gerais (TJMG) decided to increase from five to six years and eight months, in a semi-open regime, the pity imposed on a man convicted of traffic of drugs in Salinas, a municipality located in the north of Minas Gerais, about 650 kilometers from the capital.

Man used bicycle to deliver drugs

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Man used bicycle to deliver drugs

The appellants’ decision responded to a request from the State Prosecutor’s Office and also reformed the fine determined at first instance.

In his vote, the rapporteur of the case, Judge Furtado Mendonça, pointed out that although the man has no criminal record, the evidence collected by the military police officers responsible for the prison indicates that ‘drug trafficking was not an isolated activity in the life of the defendant’. “On the contrary, it was part of his routine,” noted the magistrate.

The judge also drew attention to the strategy used to sell the drug at Praça Floriano Peixoto, in the city center.

“It was a true scheme of delivery“, registers the vote.” The accused is really technically primary. However, it is gathered from the evidence that he dedicated himself to illicit merchandise, including using the WhatsApp messaging application to carry out negotiations. The author, as I have already pointed out, received orders and delivered with a bicycle“, says another excerpt of the opinion.

The rapporteur’s vote was accompanied by the judges Bruno Terra Dias and Jaubert Caneiro Jaques.

The man was arrested in February 2019. On that occasion, the Minas Military Police received complaints and set up an operation with plainclothes agents in the central region of Salinas. When approached, the suspect confessed to having more drugs at home, according to the case records. At the address, the police found approximately half a kilo of cocaine, a precision scale, chemical yeast and doling material. To the authorities, the man would also have informed that he would receive R $ 10 thousand with the sales.

The judgment of the Salinas Court did not please the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Prosecutor Marco Antônio Picone Soares filed for a penalty increase, pointing out the unfavorable circumstances, as well as the ‘significant’ amount of drugs found and their harmful power. The defense argued that the elements found in the house do not prove that the boy dedicated his life to criminal practice.


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