To celebrate its 60 years, Sega is offering free games on Steam and some specials

To celebrate its 60 years, Sega is offering free games on Steam and some specials

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This is the bargain of the weekend. The famous Japanese video game company turns 60 and for the occasion, it offers several free games on Steam, in addition to some interesting promotions.

In the 80s and 90s, Sega was one of the references in the world of video games with Nintendo in particular. The Japanese firm subsequently experienced serious financial difficulties in part due to the arrival of other players on the market such as Sony and its first PlayStation.

Since then, Sega has managed to raise the bar by abandoning console development and focusing on publishing, game development and arcade machines which are still very numerous in Japan. Suddenly, a lot of quality games stamped Sega are still on the market and that’s good because to celebrate the 60 years of the company, several titles are available for free on Steam.

4 free mini-games

So, for the occasion, 4 new mini-games are available for free on the Steam platform. This is a temporary offer so better hurry. But once downloaded, the games will still be available in your library. Here are the games in question:

Armor of Heroes

A free to play multiplayer tank game available for free from October 15 to 19.

Endless Zone

An old-fashioned shoot’em up with horizontal scrolling, simple but effective. Available for free from October 16 to 19.

Streets of Kamurocho

A mini-game paying homage to one of Sega’s flagship series: Yakuza. Except that here, we are on an old-fashioned Beat’em up, even in terms of graphics. Playable for two for more fun. Available for free from October 17 to 19.

Golden Axed

Another beat’em up with horizontal scrolling but with a little more modern graphics this time. It will be available on October 18 and 19.

A mess of promotions

In addition to these free games, you also have the opportunity to take advantage of some great promotions, especially on games from the famous series Total War. Same thing for the opus of the series Company of Heroes.

Finally, let’s finish in style by specifying that in addition to the unpublished mini-games mentioned above, the mythical Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is also free, just like Two Point Hospital, a really cool management game on the hospital theme.

For all the information on these offers, go to the dedicated Steam page.

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