“To think that this crisis is solved alone is to be wrong”


Andrés Rodríguez, Gerardo Martínez and Héctor Daer. in the meeting of this Thursday of the Directing Council of the CGT.

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Andrés Rodríguez, Gerardo Martínez and Héctor Daer. in the meeting of this Thursday of the Directing Council of the CGT.

Since he was a director of the International Labor Organization, Gerardo Martínez, also head of the Construction union, has grown in consideration of their peers and among entrepreneurs. This morning his definitions at the Idea Colloquium were followed by thousands of businessmen who celebrated “the rational voice”, the “global look”, of the unionist in private chats. Martinez was the star of the panel he shared with McDonald’s Patricio Nobili. Both were moderated by Cecilia Giordano de Mercer.

“We are not afraid of technology, but we need rules in the transition”Martínez started, whose union was one of the most punished by the quarantine. “Structural change processes need a context to operate because we are not all on an equal footing. The transition has to be linked to a view of the country and in that sense politics has a key role and has to lead ”.

By the way, the director of the CGT was not deprived of sending messages in various directions. Perhaps the most striking, of facing another commemoration of October 17, He was the one who seemed to lead the Casa Rosada. “Why do happen what’s happening. When the Pan boxes came out in the Alfonsín government they were 800.00, today there are 11 million Pan boxes. What happens to us that it has not grown since 2007. Thinking that it can be solved from loneliness is to be wrong. We have to sit at the table. And it is not enough to agree on the goals, we have to have a compass. We cannot continue to be selfish.

When asked about the Telecommuting law, which is so questioned by businessmen, Martínez said: “Neither we nor the businessmen had the opportunity to speak about a law in which there is no consensus. There was no dialogue table. A law that is not agreed is not fulfilled. My responsibility as representative of the interests of workers is that we want to be part of the debate in a context of clear rules of the game ”.

According to his vision, “the State guarantees the common good and rules of the game. We need a state with a strategic and robust outlook ”, he emphasized.

Nobili referred to the inevitable technological advance, but managed intelligently, “far from destroying it creates new jobs.” He said that the chain opened self-service terminals to eliminate bottlenecks during peak hours and had to hire more people. “We have a holistic vision and always in agreement with the union,” he said.

McDonald’s experience during the strict quarantine with 15,000 employees in their homes was very creative, as it offered part of that workforce to industries that needed it such as computing. “In the region we have 90,000 employees who entered McDonald’s through the kitchen and we saw it as a great opportunity for new knowledge,” he slipped.

“Without employers there are no workers”, Martínez celebrated the initiative to highlight the need for professional training and education and a comprehensive educational policy. “There must be a change in education, with a system thinking of a country from several decades ago. There are many people left on the road ”, large.

At that moment they applauded him from the chat with messages like Alejandro Anderlic’s “we have to take action.” Or “let’s take education as the axis”, by María Alegre among many others.

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