Toothbrush may be a transmission factor for Covid-19

Toothbrush may be a transmission factor for Covid-19

The toothbrush can be a transmission factor of Covid-19, warned researcher Nancy Arzate Mora, a specialist in pediatric dentistry at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), who explained that this contagion can occur due to the direct contact that this accessory has with the cavity oral.

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For this reason, he said that it is necessary to take extreme hygiene measures, including not putting family brushes together in a single container, as this accessory can constitute a transmission factor, especially when there are asymptomatic people.

The professor at the Interdisciplinary Center for Health Sciences (CICS), Santo Tomás Unit, explained that it is scientifically proven that microorganisms can lodge in the bristles of the toothbrush, so it is important to follow specific actions, in order to avoid the spread of the virus, since if someone does not know that they are infected, they can infect their relatives through it.

Arzate Mora stressed that there is a high percentage of people who use to place the brushes of the whole family in the same container and the proximity of these constitutes a risk factor. “The first indication is to store individually covered toothbrushes in separate locations or containers to avoid cross contamination.”

He highlighted the need for proper hand washing before starting oral hygiene, since this will avoid contaminating the brush handle.

In addition, the IPN specialist commented that after oral cleaning the brush should be washed and disinfected by immersing your head for 30 minutes in a solution of povidone iodine diluted 0.2 percent, in hydrogen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) diluted 1 percent or in a mouthwash that contains chlorhexidine, then it must be thoroughly dried and stored.

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Similarly, he recommended using mouthwash for a minute before brushing to reduce the viral load of people with Covid-19. “It is convenient to generalize this measure, since we do not know whether or not we can be asymptomatic patients.”


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