Trading idea Varta: Apple provides tailwind

Model 3 gets cheaper and keeps going

The share of the battery manufacturer Varta is very popular with investors in the middle of the week.


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No wonder, since the company is the subject of an important announcement from America. Because the decision of the iPhone giant AppleThe fact that wired headphones are no longer supplied with its new models should mean significantly higher demand for the wireless Apple Airpods. And there are micro batteries in them Varta.

But the company had already had a lot to offer in the previous weeks. In mid-August, for example, the forecast for the financial year was raised after a strong first half of the year and is now anticipating an operating profit based on EBITDA (i.e. before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) of 210 to 215 million euros. The previous range was between 175 and 185 million euros and the analysts’ consensus at the data provider FactSet was around 191.7 million euros.

This should meanwhile also make the short sellers represented at Varta increasingly nervous. It remains to be seen whether this results in the chance of a short squeeze. With the strong plus today, at least the technical conditions for the chart are being reshuffled, as the short-term downtrend that has formed since the beginning of September can now be considered broken. The share still stands in the way of a resistance zone in the region of 128 euros. Under the current conditions, however, the chances have risen considerably that in perspective at least the annual peak of around 138 euros can be achieved.

Speculatively oriented investors can support this with a Mini Future from BNP Paribas. Here we see a price target for the knock-out note of 4.63 euros, thus a potential of around 65 percent. We envisage the mark of 1.89 euros as the stop loss.

?? Underlying: Varta

?? Product genus: Mini Future

?? Issuer: BNP Paribas

?? RAY: DE000PN1XW42

?? Duration: Open end

?? Knockout call rate (October 14, 2020, 2:03 p.m.): 2.81 euros

?? Base price variable: 92.4882 euros

?? Knock-out threshold: 101.737 euros

?? Leverage: 4.29

?? Distance to knock-out: 15.39%

?? Stopp-Loss Call: 1,89 Euro

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