Trump criticizes Pelosi and says he is ready to sign 2nd stimulus package

Trump criticizes Pelosi and says he is ready to sign 2nd stimulus package

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, said on Thursday (15.out.2020) that he and the Republican congressmen “are ready” to sign the 2nd economic stimulus package to combat the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic, a disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Trump gave interview to journalist Savannah Guthrie on NBC News in Miami

© Reproduction / NBC News
Trump gave interview to journalist Savannah Guthrie on NBC News in Miami

The text remains stuck in the Capitol due to differences of government with Democrats. According to Trump, the blame for the delay in the rescue lies with the mayor: “Our problem is Nancy Pelosi”. The Republican said the Democrat has no respect for workers and Americans in general and would be thinking only of his re-election.

On October 6, Trump tweeted that negotiations for the package were suspended until the elections, instructing Republicans to stop the talks. At the time, he declared that the Mayor had not “Negotiated in good faith”.

He added that if the White House reaches a deal with Pelosi, the Republicans will abide by it and vote to approve the package. The statements were made in an interview with journalist Savannah Guthrie, of the broadcaster NBC News. The channel grid was separated for the 2nd presidential debate between Joe Biden and Trump, but the event was canceled after the president refused to participate in a virtual meeting.

At the same time that Trump was speaking live from Miami, the Democrat and former Vice President gave an interview on the channel ABC.

QAnon and white supremacists

During the program, the president was asked again whether he would publicly condemn white supremacist groups. “I denounce white supremacists for years”, he declared.

Asked about QAnon, a pro-Trump conspiracy theory, the president said he was unaware of the supporters’ purposes. This is a theory of the American extreme right centered on the belief that President Donald Trump faces a secret campaign led by enemies of “Deep state” (deep-state, in English), a term used to designate an elite from the political, economic and cultural areas who adores Satan and abuses children.

The interviewer explained, but Trump countered: “What you tell me doesn’t make it a fact”. He also said that he doesn’t know anything about them, only that they are strongly against pedophilia.

Trump still deviated from the theme to attack the Antifa group, in which he called “dangerous” e “violent” and capable of murdering dissent.

Cured of covid-19

The president said he no longer has any symptoms of the disease and that he already has negative tests. The Republican found that was infected on October 1st, 2 days after the 1st debate with Biden.

It was noteworthy that Trump, 74, does not remember being tested before meeting the opposing candidate, 3 years older. According to the president, it is tested almost every day and probably was tested on September 29. In the end, he tossed the responsibility to the doctors and said it was fine on the night of the debate.

Regarding the diagnosis, Trump said the doctors cited infection in his lungs, but did not confirm that it was pneumonia. He said only that he felt weak and feverish.

Savannah asked why Trump organized events at the White House without the mandatory use of masks and whether he had changed his mind after becoming infected and seeing 13 more people present at government headquarters also sick.

“I’m ok with the mask”, said the president, who later questioned the effectiveness of the protection, citing 1 study that states that 85% of people who took covid-19 wore masks.

“I am president, I need to see people. I cannot be locked in the basement or in a room ”, completed.

Future of abortion law

Trump said he does not want to influence a possible decision on the Roe vs. 1972 Wade, who legalized the private right to abortion. The Republican declined to express his opinion on the topic.

For him, a change that could be made is to delegate to the States the decision on authorizing abortion. However, he admitted that the law may remain intact.

The President denied having discussed the matter with his appointed to the Supreme Court, Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who is anti-abortion. Besides, he called her a people “Wonderful” which will certainly be approved by the Senate.

Trump added by explaining his reasons for changing his mind and deciding to nominate the judge before the elections. He took the opposite view in 2016, when 8 months before the election, then President Barack Obama could not make a nomination. He said he changed his mind after watching Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing, which he appointed in 2018. “I’ve never seen anyone treated so badly”, declared the Republican.


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