Trump, first speech after Covid Supporters massed and without a mask

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Supporters huddled on the lawn in front of the White House, regardless of social distancing and without a mask. It is a real challenge to the rules that launched by the “people” of President Donald Trump. at his first public speech after the quarantine as a result of Covid and his discharge from the hospital. About 2,000 supporters gathered in front of the Washington residence: the American president appeared on a balcony and gave a speech. From here, therefore, Donald’s race restarts in an attempt to be reconfirmed at the top of the nation, looking for a comeback that currently sees him in all the polls at a disadvantage over his democratic rival Joe Biden.

One of the points on which the republican candidate insisted is public order: “If the left gains power, it will launch a national crusade against the forces of order, depriving them of funds, weapons and their fundamental authorities”. anticipations of the speech released in the afternoon. “It is time for the Americans to oppose the radical Left’s defamation campaign against our police. Where there is evidence of wrongdoing by the police, the justice system must investigate and all those responsible must answer for it. But this absolutely must not allow popular justice ”. Another interlocutor of the rally, the African American electorate. To this community Trump proposes a “Blexit”, a neologism that means the distancing of the blacks of the Democratic Party.

The president appeared on the balcony and was greeted by long applause and “US” chants from those present. “Thank you, continue to have this enthusiasm until the vote,” Trump said. “I feel great, how are you?” the first words with which he addressed the crowd. Donald then attacked his speech by recalling that he will not allow the US to become “a socialist country” and bring back the jobs that have ended up in China. Then he touched on other workhorses of his campaign: Obamacare to be abolished because it is harmful, the “Chinese virus” to be eradicated, the danger of fraud linked to voting by mail.


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