Trump is discharged as there is no risk “of transmitting the virus to others,” according to his doctor

Trump is discharged as there is no risk



He President of the United States, Donald Trump, received a medical discharge this Saturday after testing positive for coronavirus, since, according to his medical team, it is not “considered that there is a risk of transmitting the virus to others.”

In a statement, the President’s doctor, Sean Conley, has assured that Trump “Meets the criteria to end the isolation”, so the US president may be next Monday at a rally in Florida, as planned.

Conley has stated that Trump meets requirements such as “ten days from the onset of symptoms, more than 24 hours without fever and a general improvement of symptoms” to end the quarantine, however he does not mention the existence of any screening test in which the president has tested negative for coronavirus.

However, the US president’s doctor does refer to the fact that the tests that have been carried out show “a decrease in viral load” and has assured that he will continue to monitor the president’s health.

Before the publication of this statement, Trump had addressed his supporters in a ceremony at the White House in which he stated that he felt “great.”

For its part, his rival in the election, Democrat Joe Biden, has campaigned in Pennsylvania, one of the key states that will determine the outcome in the election, and has called on Trump to show his negative result for coronavirus as he has done.

Biden has also accused Trump of only worrying about his “rich friends” on Twitter, after the US president assured on this social network that he was a “puppet of the CASTRO-CHAVISTAS.”


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