Trump presumes he is ‘immune’ to covid-19

Trump presumes he is 'immune' to covid-19

Trump presumes he is 'immune' to covid-19

Trump presumes he is ‘immune’ to covid-19

He President of the United States, Donald TrumpHe said on Sunday that it is already “immune” al covid-19, one day after his doctor issued a short letter stating that the leader he no longer ran risk of to transmit he virus.

“It seems like I’m immune, I don’t know, maybe for a long time, maybe a short time, maybe for life. Nobody really knows, but I’m immune,” Trump said in a telephone interview on Fox News.

“They have a president who is immune … Today they have a president who does not need to hide in his basement like his opponent,” added Trump, who is seeking a second term, referring to Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The question of the immunity al covid-19 yet not clear at all.

The degree of protection offered by antibodies, nor the duration of any degree of immunity, is not precisely known.

During the interview with Fox News, Trump also hinted that his Democratic rival might be ill.

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“If you look at Joe, he was coughing terribly yesterday (Saturday), then he would grab his mask, then he was coughing,” he said.

“I don’t know what that means, but the press hasn’t talked about it much,” he added.

Biden’s campaign team publishes the results of the covid-19 tests that the candidate undergoes daily. So far all have tested negative.

Trump’s medical team refuses to say when he last tested negative.

A transparency that the president of the United States does not practice.

This stance fuels suspicions that the president did not undergo the COVID-19 test for several days before announcing on October 1 that he contracted the coronavirus.

Trump spoke Saturday from the White House in front of hundreds of supporters and is returning to the campaign arena with an intense pace.

On Monday he will have an act in Florida (southeast); on Tuesday, in Pennsylvania (northwest), and on Wednesday, in Iowa (center).


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