Trump promises to defend Christopher Columbus. The women march against Barrett

 Trump promises to defend Christopher Columbus. The women march against Barrett

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AGI – Donald Trump promises to defend the memory of Christopher Columbus as thousands of women march against the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

The President stands as defender of the legacy of one of the symbols targeted by the ‘cancel culture‘and the iconoclastic movement born on the wave of protests against racism. During the Michigan election rally, Trump lashes out against “the radical left” and “Antifa” who want to remove the statues of the Italian explorer “who discovered America”. “Not as long as I am president”, assures the tycoon, praising “the group of great Italians” who surrounded the statue of Columbus in New York prevent it from being destroyed by demonstrators, “forcing Antifa to desist”.

Trump therefore attacks the democratic challenger Joe Biden, guilty of wanting to change the name of the US holiday “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous Day” or “Native Day”. “IS politically incorrect“, declares Trump, guaranteeing that he wants to protect all the symbols of US history and remembering that he signed a law that provides for 10 years in prison for those who destroy monuments. Some Columbus statues were removed in Newark, Buffalo and Columbus during protests against racism triggered by the killing of African American George Floyd in Minneapolis by the police.

Video: USA 2020: women’s march against Trump from Washington to Ny (Ansa)



The women’s march flooded the streets of Washington DC and other US cities, turning into a protest against President Trump and the appointment of conservative and anti-abortionist Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The first women’s march, which became an annual event, was organized in the aftermath of the inauguration of the tycoon at the White House in 2017. This edition, in the era of the coronavirus, took place with mandatory masks and in some cases with virtual events .

Speaker and protesters urged Congress to suspend Barrett’s confirmation process in the Supreme Court. About ten women dressed in red as in the most famous (and censored) book by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood: “The Handmaid’s Tale”. They showed signs that read “Trump-Pence out now.”

Among the protesters also u7 year old girl dressed as the liberal icon judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who Barrett is expected to replace on the Supreme Court, passed away at the age of 87. A small group of conservative women instead gathered in front of the headquarters of the highest US judicial body to support Barrett’s appointment. “For life is for women they screamed – abortion betrays women”. On the other hand, in support of the right to terminate pregnancy, the slogan was: “The body is mine and I manage it”.


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