Trump tries to put Covid behind him but Twitter reports it

Trump tries to put Covid behind him but Twitter reports it

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Milan, 12 Oct (askanews) – In a race against time, President Donald Trump is trying to put COVID-19 behind him and today he is back in the electoral campaign: three weeks of sprint before November 3, with a demonstration in the state of Florida, vital for his battle. The event at a Sanford airport will be Trump’s first rally since he revealed he tested positive on Oct.2. The president, who spent three days in the hospital for treatment, said on Sunday he was completely healed and no longer contagious, but did not say directly if he tested negative for the virus. The tweet was reported by Twitter. Meanwhile, however, the polls show him the loser against Democratic rival Joe Biden just 21 days before the elections. The president is aiming for a restart this week, hoping that an aggressive travel schedule and Supreme Court confirmation hearings of Judge Amy Coney Barrett will energize her most loyal supporters and divert attention from a virus that has killed more than 214,000. Americans, has infected nearly 7.7 million people in the United States, and thrown millions on the street without work.


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