two dance recommendations that cover all geographies

two dance recommendations that cover all geographies

"Amanecer Salteño", part of the legacy of El Chúcaro and Norma Viola.

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“Amanecer Salteño”, part of the legacy of El Chúcaro and Norma Viola.

Two excellent dance proposals appear on the radar for this weekend, both from the programming of official companies. On the one hand, the National Folkloric Ballet, directed by Mariano Luraschi, will upload to their networks a filmic record of Salta sunrise, created by that legendary artistic couple formed by Santiago Ayala, “el Chúcaro”, and Norma Viola.

Luraschi says, in addition to being the current director, he was a dancer for many years at the BFN: “For a few days now the Ballet is participating in an international festival, which this year goes virtual, and is launched from the Bolivian city of El Alto. They have been organizing it for 16 years and have called it Festival of the cueca and the dances with handkerchief. Bolivians and Argentines are twinned by the cueca, but we identify more with the zamba, our characteristic dance with a scarf “.

And he extends the explanation: “Both derive from the zamacueca, as well as the Peruvian marinera and the Chilean cueca. So we are present at the festival with various works created by dancers of the company in addition to a video in which we edit different scenes of zambas and cuecas designed for the scene. Now we close with Salta sunrise del Chúcaro and Norma Viola, a true gem of the foundational and magnificent choreographic heritage of these two creators “.

Folk and contemporary: two dance recommendations that cover all geographies



Luraschi then embarks on an anecdote of those times. “They say that once Chúcaro was in the city of Salta and when he opens the window of his room, which overlooked the main square, he hears a military march and sees the parade of those horseback groups of gauchos from Salta that keep the memory alive by Martín Miguel de Güemes. El Chúcaro sees these horsemen with their guardians, their typical hats and their spears, and also the doves that are launched to fly while the bells of the cathedral ring. ”

“This was -concludes the artist- the trigger image of Salta sunrise: the male dance corps represents the gauchos of Güemes and the dancers play the double role of doves and bells. There is like music an air of march, a vidala and a northern cuequita, which cannot be missed. And towards the end, a malambo in a wonderful rhythmic game ”.

The transmission will be available from Saturday 17 to 20 at @bfnargentina (Facebook and Instagram), and will remain online until Monday 19 at 24.

On the other hand, the Contemporary Ballet of the San Martín Theater, directed by Andrea Chinetti together with Miguel Elías, premieres Oxymoron, a short piece by French choreographer Sophie Laplane and mounted at the same time in four different locations: twelve dancers from San Martín in Buenos Aires, Sophie Laplane in France and her two assistants, Luciana Ravizzi and Luke Ahmet, in England and the United States respectively. Curiosities of the current state of things in the world.

"Oxymore", the play that is performed from four different stages at the same time.

“Oxymore”, the play that is performed from four different stages at the same time.

The truth is that this beautiful work take advantage of the limitations of social isolation to create a small black and white universe with an extraordinary editing job (the assistant of the San Martín Ballet, Diego Poblete, also contributed his knowledge and experience to the edition of Oxymoron): the twelve dancers, of which six are couples and live together, they filmed themselves with their own cell phones on the choreographic material that Sophie Laplane contributed and that comes from a homonymous work that she had created for the Scottish Ballet in 2013.

This virtual format, by altering the space and allowing other games over time, provides a new identity to this second version of Oxymoron. It is the second work that Sophie Laplane created in the same format and its delicious Indoors, very brief, that she created this year for the Scottish Ballet of which she is a resident choreographer.

From Friday 16, at 20, Oxymore can be seen at and remains there until the end of the 2020 season.

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