Two-headed shark caught in India (photos)

Two-headed shark caught in India (photos)

Two-headed shark caught in India (photos)

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Two-headed shark caught in India (photos)

The discovery is quite surprising, even the most seasoned sailors. As reported by the Hindustan Times, the third most fired daily in India, fishermen found in their nets a mysterious baby shark with two heads off the coast of Maharashtra, in the west of the country. The animal, which measured about two inches, was quickly released by the two men, who still took the time to immortalize their astonishing prey.



“Never seen anything like it before”

“We’ve never seen anything like it before. We think one of the biggest sharks may have given birth to this baby two-headed shark.”, said Umesh Palekar, one of the two fishermen. “We don’t eat such small fish, especially sharks, so I thought it was weird but decided to release it anyway.”, for his part reacted Nitin patil, his companion at sea.

But before putting their astonishing catch back in the water, the two men took a few photos, which have since made social networks happy.

Images transmitted to biologists, who in particular made it possible to determine that the small marine animal would be a scoliodon laticaudus (more commonly known as a “sword shark”) or a rhizoprionodon. “Our records show that double-headed sharks are very rarely reported along the Indian coast”, added Dr. Akhilesh.

Man partly responsible?

“This phenomenon is reported in several animal species including sharks, probably due to a mutation or other embryonic malformation or disorders”, believes the scientist. For his part, marine biologist Swapnil Tandel judges that man could be partly responsible for this malformation:

“These findings are so rare that it is difficult to find a cause for the anomaly. Genetic or metabolic disorders, viruses, pollution or overfishing could be the reasons. “

More and more frequent observations

But if the phenomenon remains rare, it is not however a first. In 2008, a fisherman discovered an embryo of a double-headed blue shark in the Indian Ocean. Rebelote in 2011, year in which a study described Siamese twins found in the bellies of blue sharks captured in the Gulf of California and northwestern Mexico. And these observations are more and more frequent, as specified National Geographic.


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