typical israel street food

typical israel street food

It may seem strange to buy street food to eat at home. But this is the idea that moves the Yalah Falafel, a delivery service for typical dishes and portions of the streets of Israel, which opened during the pandemic.

Plano B by designer and full-time cook Suzana Goldfarb and her husband, Mauro Brosso, a historian who became a baker. And here’s the first tip: the breads are great, both the rye and malt (R $ 34, 600g), and the absolutely handmade, massive and irregularly shaped pita, baked just before delivery (R $ 4 per unit) .

Yalah Falafel’s food is unpretentious, fresh, vibrant, full of flavor and well priced.

The falafel can be ordered in a combo with hummus, cucumber pickles, pita and a salad.

© Patrícia Ferraz / Estadão
The falafel can be ordered in a combo with hummus, cucumber pickles, pita and a salad.

The business started with falafel e kebab, both served in combos with hummus, cucumber pickles, pita and a salad that varies each month (R $ 36 and R $ 39, respectively). But the menu soon grew. The falafel is still the star, soft, crunchy and with a very green filling, made with fresh parsley and coriander, as well as chickpeas, carrots, sesame and spices (different from Arabic, which still takes fava and a lot of dried cumin and turmeric ). The other specialty, kebab, is also worth the order. It is made with ground beef breast, deliciously seasoned with two peppers and a touch of clove lemon.

There are four versions of homus, the simple one, only with tahini, chickpeas and olive oil (R $ 16, 150g); the matbucha, which comes with chili jam (R $ 36.90, 250g); one with avocado, peanuts and date molasses (R $ 39, 250g) and finally, crazy meat with peppers, which I didn’t taste (R $ 40, 250g). THE dry curd is made with kefir (R $ 16, 150g).

The two deli classics are impeccable. THE artisan pastrami, made with beef rib cured in salt and brown sugar, orange blossom honey, garlic, peppers, mustard and spices is smoked in organic guava wood (R $ 25, 100g). The other is the lox salmon, whose preparation takes six days: one day in salt curing, two in sugar marinade, gin, dill and lemon peel, one just for draining liquids and two days of drying (R $ 25, 100g). Sometimes it ends, before the next batch is ready. The lox combo comes with black malt and rye bread, curd and pickles ($ 40 portion for two).

You will do good business if you order one of Yalah’s combos, but if you try a little of everything, dinner becomes a program.

Deliveries are made on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays for dinner and Sundays for lunch. Yalah is how to say “let’s go there” in Israel. Orders are made via Instagram @_alah_alafel.


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