Unemployment remains stable in September

Unemployment remains stable in September

In one year, unemployment will have increased by a large third. Young people are more affected than the other categories.

The job offers appearing on the table of a regional placement office. Laurent Guiraud

The job offers appearing on the table of a regional placement office. Laurent Guiraud

Unemployment remains stable in Geneva. “With 12’886 people at the end of September (including the unemployed at the end of their rights), the unemployment rate remains unchanged in Geneva and stands at 5.2%” compared to last month, explains the Cantonal Office of the employment (OCE) in a press release sent by its supervisory department.

Among the data provided, we measure a slight increase for men and a slight decrease for women, a slight decrease for the Swiss, a slight increase for foreigners. The data on ages give clearer differences: if the situation is stable with regard to unemployment of 25 to 49 year olds, down 0.3%, like that of 50 to 64 year olds, the situation of young people under 25, is significantly worse. They appear to be among the most affected with an increase in unemployment of 4%, a probable reflection of the slowdown in commitments by companies, a slowdown which seems to be corroborated by the increase in long-term unemployment (over a year), which increased by 9 , 5% in September. The average duration of unemployment stands at 230 days, compared to 201.

While unemployment stabilized in Geneva, it fell elsewhere in Switzerland to stand at 3.2%. Over the year, the increase is nevertheless brutal. Compared to 2019, the workforce increased by a large third (35.8%) in the canton, a little less than the Swiss increase, however, which reached almost 50%. Looking at the branches, we will see that, in the canton, the sectors most affected are to be counted among “specialized, scientific and technical activities (+486 unemployed), in the hotel and catering industry (+395 unemployed), administrative and support services (+326 unemployed) and financial and insurance activities (+287 unemployed) ”.

What to think of these data? Their stability seems to indicate that the regime of reduction of working hours continues to protect companies, despite the crisis. According to a press release from the Cantonal Statistics Office on the same subject, it is noted that “the number of job seekers continues to increase: + 1.8% in one month; + 31.3% in one year. It is fixed at 18,521. ” This increase, linked to the return of employment programs suspended during the covid period, limits the number of registered unemployed. We thus find the rate for May, June having been a little better.


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