US downplays North Korea’s giant missile

US downplays North Korea's giant missile

United States this Wednesday downplayed the threat posed by the giant intercontinental ballistic missile presented byNorth Korea in a militar parade.

US downplays North Korea's giant missile

US downplays North Korea’s giant missile

In that parade held on Saturday before the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un you saw that missile transported in a eleven axle truck which, according to analysts, is the mayor of liquid fuel known so far in the world.

But Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that the agreements reached by President Donald Trump with the North Koreans have reduced the risks.

He stated that only through tests will it be possible to prove whether this missile works.

The North Koreans, however, did not conduct any ICBM tests last year. The same thing happened the previous year, “Pompeo told reporters.

So the agreement with North Korea, the understandings, while not reaching the ultimate goal, certainly led to a reduction in risks for the United States compared to how we would be if we had followed the path taken by the previous administration, “he added .

North Korea has not tested nuclear or long-range missiles since Kim signed a joint statement with Trump at a meeting in Singapore in 2018.

Trump, who is seeking a second term in the Nov.3 election, has repeatedly boasted of having prevented a war after mounting tensions generated by North Korean nuclear missile tests.

Although Trump has said they “fell in love” with Kim, diplomatic efforts stalled for a year and there is no sign of a permanent agreement ending Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

Kim warned in a speech that North Korea is not tied to a self-imposed moratorium on long-range and nuclear missile testing, even as it stopped launching threats.

Analysts said the new missile was likely designed to carry multiple warheads.

If operational, that system could breach the United States’ missile defenses, according to specialists.


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