‘US medicine will eradicate Chinese virus’, says Trump at an event

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(ANSA) – In his first public event after being diagnosed with Covid-19, the President of the United States, Donald Trump, again classified the new coronavirus (Sars-CoV-2) as “Chinese virus” and said that American medicine will eradicate it.

“With the power of American science and medicine, we will eradicate the Chinese virus once and for all,” said the Republican during the “Law and Order” event in the garden of the White House.

Speaking directly from the balcony to hundreds of people, Trump, who was without a face mask, said he was “feeling great”. He says he is no longer taking drugs against Covid-19.

According to the American representative, the vaccine to fight the virus will be ready “very, very soon”, but he did not specify dates.

The event, which is considered the first step for the Republican to completely return to his reelection campaign, takes place in parallel with the act organized by conservative activist Candace Owens, of the controversial “Blexit”. The group tries to encourage black men and women to leave the Democratic Party, in opposition to Trump.

“Everyone here this afternoon is part of the growing national movement called Blexit. African Americans and Hispanics in America are rejecting the radical socialist left and embracing our pro-job, pro-worker, pro-police and pro-America work,” he emphasized Trump.

For the president, people need to understand that “to protect African Americans and all Americans” you need to support your police.

The magnate stressed that “if the left comes to power, it will launch a national crusade against the police”. “The time has come for the Americans to reject the smear campaign of liberal and leftist politics against the police.”

Rallies – Trump’s campaign team took the opportunity to reveal that the president will hold two rallies in addition to the one already announced next week.

According to Republicans, after the event in Florida, scheduled for next Monday (12), Trump will meet with his supporters on Tuesday in Pennsylvania and on Wednesday in Iowa.

Health – According to the American press, Trump has not yet received certification from his medical team that he is free of the new coronavirus. However, he was released to resume public commitments.

In an appearance on Fox News late on Friday, he said he was tested again for the virus, but did not reveal the result. (ANSA)


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