Verona, newborn abandoned in the street: parents tracked down

admitted to intensive care, he is fine

The parents of the four-month-old baby abandoned on a street corner in Verona, in the Golosine district, were identified and tracked down on Wednesday evening. They are a couple originally from Romania, the father 30 years old, the mother 34 years old, who have been in Italy for more than a year. The two are in a precarious economic situation, following which they would have decided to abandon the baby.

Verona, newborn abandoned in the street: parents tracked down

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Verona, newborn abandoned in the street: parents tracked down

The baby, the couple’s first child, was born last July. The parents initially received help from an acquaintance. A Pakistani man was on his way to work on the street and then alerted the police. Now the baby is in the hospital. His health is good.

Reporting – The two were identified thanks to the recommendation of a compatriot who hosted them. As reported by the Courier of the Veneto, the woman had in fact learned of the finding of the child through “Afternoon 5” and, seeing that the child was no longer at home, she thought it might be him. The couple was denounced for neglect of a minor to the Verona prosecutor’s office, which had already opened a file on the matter yesterday.

Applications for adoption float – Meanwhile, there are many requests for adoption that are being received for the newborn, who has been given the name of Zeno, patron saint of the city. “The good news on the health of the child is important but the great heart of the Veronese is equally moving. Like all of us, shaken by this episode, they are writing to us and calling us ready to welcome the little one”. The Councilor for Social Services of the Municipality of Verona said, Daniela Maellare.

“This episode – added the commissioner – is quite particular because the abandonment of such a large child is not frequent. It is true that the child is only four months old, but generally the abandonment occurs in the first days of life for different reasons but almost always linked to situations of strong discomfort of the mother “.


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