VIDEO. An elephant seal blocks a neighborhood

 VIDEO. An elephant seal blocks a neighborhood

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It’s a surreal scene that happened in Chile. An elephant seal has indeed found itself in the middle of a road. Dozens of residents mobilized to save his life, while the police and the army were called in to help.

An elephant seal has landed in a residential area of ​​the small Patagonian town of Puerto Cisnes, in southern Chile.

Despite the curfew decreed due to the coronavirus pandemic, several dozen residents mobilized to save the animal, which crossed ten blocks before being taken care of. Helped by the police and the army, it has finally found its natural habitat.

“It’s a very natural event, from August to September there are more sightings of elephant seals and penguins in the region”, explained Nicolas Leiva, from Chile’s National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service. But that they venture into the city remains nevertheless very rare.

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