Vimala Pons, the illusion body (podcast)

Vimala Pons, the illusion body (podcast)

The magazine ELLE has always deciphered the body of women and the many issues related to it. In our podcast “The Voice of the Body”, a guest talks about her body, how she lives with it, how she deals with it, how he helps or betrays her, how she has a body, how she is a body .

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This week, the actress Vimala Pons, engaged in this analysis on her body. Actress and Circacian, Vimala Pons carries her whimsical and tragic mood from one universe to another, from films to live shows, each time putting her body to work without reserve. At our microphone, she returns to her work tool and makes this body speak at once athletic and poetic, earthy and aerial, deceptively clumsy and truly committed. The body as an illusion.

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