Volkswagen is hiring new temporary workers

Volkswagen is hiring new temporary workers

At Volkswagen, new temporary workers are supposed to fill gaps in personnel – a few months after the company let many fixed-term contracts expire.

VW is now using temporary workers.

© Hendrik Schmidt / dpa-Zentralbild / ZB
VW is now using temporary workers.

Despite the corona crisis, the order situation is currently improving, but at the same time, as a precaution, many employees stay at home and call in sick. This leads to bottlenecks in production. Both at the commercial vehicle subsidiary (VWN) in Hanover and in the Wolfsburg parent plant of the VW core brand are now up to 300 “temporary workers” in use, it said on Tuesday. Their contracts are usually limited to September 2021 or March 2021.

In the case of light commercial vehicles, an additional 50 employees are likely to receive an open-ended contract, and they should be with the company by April 2021. The “Bild” newspaper also reported on it. VWN works council boss Bertina Murkovic spoke in an internal message to the workforce of a “very tense” situation – she was glad to be able to take on new employees temporarily soon. In addition, she welcomed the unlimited perspective for some of the colleagues.

Some of those whose contract was not renewed in May are suing VWN – the brand now wants to approach them. The corporate headquarters declared: “We want to meet positive customer demand promptly.”


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