Voo switches to Netflix mode with its Voo + service

Voo switches to Netflix mode with its Voo + service

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Impossible for Voo to hide his inspiration from Netflix and many other streaming platforms on his brand new service, Voo +. Whether visually or in terms of functionality, the goal is to allow each member of the family to access more easily to their favorite programs.

After the launch of Zunny last week, Voo’s interface is getting a facelift with its new Voo + service, largely inspired by Netflix, Disney + or even Amazon Prime Video. The principle is also similar to these platforms.

Indeed, each member of the family will be able to create a profile on which will be offered personalized programs and content according to tastes and viewing history. Voo + will therefore offer series, films, recordings and live programs that may appeal to the owner of the profile in question.

The content will no longer be offered by theme, but according to the affinities of subscribers. Thus, if a person subscribes to BeTV, to the sports channel and to linear television, programs from these three sources will be recommended to him.

Marie-Pierre Dinsart, press officer of Voo for evening.

Discover and enjoy

As on Netflix, Voo + allows you to discover new programs and content, because for each profile, recommendations will be offered to users according to their history:

It’s also a new way to discover new things since subscribers will be able to see recommendations from services to which they will not necessarily be subscribed. These programs will then be indicated as being accessible only through a subscription to a particular service. Subscribers will be able to purchase a subscription if they wish.

Marie-Pierre Dinsart, press officer of Voo for evening.

Another advantage: users of this new interface will be able to take advantage of all these programs on several screens such as their smartphone, tablet or TV via the Voo + application. This new service is already available to 30,000 Belgian families chosen at random. Other Voo customers will have to wait until 2021 to try it out. Finally, it should be noted that the activation of this service is completely free.

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