Watch the 4th episode of the 2nd season

Roberto Jefferson confirms negotiations for Jair Bolsonaro to join PTB

The 4th Episode of Season 2 of The Investor Angel is a must! Our angel João Kepler will get to know Scooto, a startup that offers qualified labor to serve the #SAC of companies. THE INVESTING ANGEL – 4th Season 2 Episode

If, on the one hand, the contracting companies win, on the other hand, the attendants also gain in quality of life, working on a remote and flexible model 👏.

The idea of ​​Marina, Scooto’s CEO, came from her own professional experience. As she told us, many women end up having to choose between raising their children or working. Scooto came so that its professionals do not have to choose between one thing or another. What will our angel João Kepler think when he hears this story ?! There is only one way to find out.

Anjo Investidor is a program focused on the new economy, startups and Angel investment with the purpose of helping people in the development of their business, a program for entrepreneurs, where he is the real protagonist, which shows the reality inside and outside of companies, with a lot of emotion, inspiration and challenges.

The reality show will show through the stories of the entrepreneurs, the emotions of his family and professional life, his team, his dreams and why he needs and should receive an angel investment.

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