We all make these 5 blush mistakes

We all make these 5 blush mistakes

When using blush every day, mistakes often happen that we don’t even notice. We’ll show you what to look out for

This is important when ordering rouge istockphoto

© istockphoto
This is important when ordering rouge istockphoto

Rouge shouldn’t be missing in our daily routine! It gives the face a subtle shine and makes the skin shine. But sometimes mistakes creep in during application. We’ll show you what to avoid:

1st mistake: We only apply blush on the cheeks

Do you only apply your blush on your cheeks? Take advantage of the powder and also apply blush discreetly to your temples. This creates a natural glow and your face looks more alert in no time. If you dare, you can powder over the bridge of your nose to create a summery holiday look.

How to apply blush to match your face shape!

Blake Lively Getty Images

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Blake Lively Getty Images

2. Mistake: We are taking the wrong shade

The right shade is crucial for a good blush. It should adapt to your skin tone and gently lay over it. If you have lighter skin, you should go for a cool pink. For an olive complexion, a blush with apricot nuances is ideal. Darker skin should choose a heavily pigmented darker blush. Make sure to try it on a light area of ​​skin before buying.

Light skin + cool pink

Olivfarbene Top + Red in Apricot

Dark skin + heavily pigmented blush

3. Mistake: We choose the wrong consistency

Just like with a foundation, the consistency of a blush plays a big role. Does a creamy or a powdery blush suit you? For oily skin, you should first resort to a creamy blush. Then use a suitable powder blush to set the product. For dry skin, it is best to use a creamy blush straight away. Tip: A creamy blush works well with a liquid foundation, whereas a powder foundation works better with a powder blush.

4. Mistake: We apply too much blush

The motto “less is more” also applies to rouge. Too much of the product is quickly put on and unnatural. If you’re not sure, always use blush lightly and subtly.

5th mistake: we do not blend

In order to avoid edges, you should always blend your blush well. Use your brush to do this and gently go over the edges to make them look softer.

(Author: Isabella Höcherl)


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