We also wear these sweatpants in the office

We also wear these sweatpants in the office

We also wear these sweatpants in the office

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We also wear these sweatpants in the office

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Als Émile Camuset brought the first jogging pants onto the market almost exactly 100 years ago, he had no idea what heights his creation was about to reach. After all, Camuset was the founder of a sports brand, the Le Coq Sportiv brand, and initially only focused on athletes with its innovation. You shouldn’t freeze when exercising outdoors, but you shouldn’t have to struggle across the field in tight trousers. Voilà, the wide sweatpants – by the way in classic gray – made it possible from then on.

Warming trousers in which you could stretch and stretch to your heart’s content? That was just right for the athletes – but not only for them. And so the sweatpants began their triumphal procession, which they carried from sport into everyday life by the 1970s at the latest. Still controversial but already much loved, the innovation from France also conquered bars and restaurants, clubs and discos in the coming years. Many see the hip-hop scene of the 90s as the final breakthrough – but as it is in fashion, it was just one more step that led straight onto the catwalks in the 21st century and thus also into the luxury boutiques and business premises .

Of course, today’s sweatpants are no longer about the gray “jersey sack” that started. The range of jogging pants is now large, and many women have models for different occasions in their closets. And perhaps it is thanks to the corona pandemic – even if we would have liked to have done without it – that jogging pants suitable for office use are currently more in demand than ever. After working from home, why suddenly do without the usual convenience in the office building?

Die ONLY Damen Onlpoptrash Easy Colour Pant PNT Noos Hose

The model that meets the highest demands is available from Amazon under “amazon.de” from 28.15 euros! It comes from the label “ONLY”, one of the leading brands in Europe when it comes to fashion for young women. The legs of the pants are slim, a drawstring ensures a secure fit. Despite a certain nonchalance in the fit, these jogging pants also exude this shape of cozy elegance, which makes them suitable for everyday office life. Definitely none of your colleagues or superiors will turn up their noses – on the contrary. Usually the envy factor is high enough that a few days later other employees in sweatpants will join you. So as a precautionary measure, be prepared for the possibility of inquiries about where you bought the good piece – and probably for how much money.

The right mix of materials is what counts

When it comes to materials ONLY Incidentally, a mix of viscose (63 percent), polyamide (32 percent) and elastane (5 percent). The high-quality viscose – which is obtained from wood fibers – caresses the skin and makes it pleasantly soft to wear. Above all, the added polyamide ensures durability – after all, you want your new favorite sweatpants to last as long as possible. The material is not only more tear-resistant and does not rub off so easily, it also becomes more elastic. The five percent elastane content reinforces this property. The pants adapt perfectly to the movements, but at the same time are very dimensionally stable and do not bulge, which can quickly become a problem with other jogging pants.

Of course, the combination also plays a role in how your new sweatpants will look in the office. You are on the absolutely safe side here with a classic white shirt blouse and elegant pumps. The blouse is best tucked into the pants, at least at the front, which adds to the elegance and at the same time visually stretches the legs.

Top ratings from enthusiastic buyers

And how do the buyers rate them ONLY Damen Onlpoptrash Easy Colour Pant PNT Noos Hose, which is available in five different colors and numerous sizes? Euphoric is probably the appropriate expression and one can doubt whether there are jogging pants with better ratings. With well over 100 reviews, there is an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. For example, a buyer writes on Amazon: “As always perfect. Size, color, fit, everything as described. Sometimes sporty, sometimes elegant, everything can be done with the right tops with these ONLY women’s pants. “Another customer put it:” I’m thrilled, the trousers fit perfectly. Fabric is a bit thicker but comfortable. Good quality for the price. I will definitely order a pair of pants in a different color. “

And since all such beautiful things are known to have a catch somewhere, we don’t want to hide it here either: It takes a little luck that the pants are available in the desired color and size. If there is a bottleneck, patience is required.

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