“We are all tired and rotten from the quarantine”


Santiago Cafiero Photo Federico Lopez Claro - FTP CLARIN FLC_8621.jpg Z Guest

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Santiago Cafiero Photo Federico Lopez Claro – FTP CLARIN FLC_8621.jpg Z Guest

Almost seven months after the start of the isolation measures ordered by the Government to try to control the advance of the coronavirus, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, admitted that “everyone” is there.tired and rotten quarantine “although he asked that”do not win the discouragement“, in the midst of the economic and social crisis that the country is experiencing.

“Discouragement does not have to overcome us. I know that we are all tired and rotten from quarantine, but let us not be discouraged,” Cafiero emphasized in statements to Radio With You.

That statement came moments after accusing the opposition of having built a narrative that the Government “It is anti development.”

In addition, and asked about the continuity of the Emergency Family Income (IFE), Cafiero assured that they are evaluating whether that IFE 4 is paid or whether they are betting on “more focused” measures.

“It is not defined because we are watching. The IFE was at a time when the economy was closed. Later they were reopened with protocols throughout the country, and today you have almost 90% of the productive activities except gastronomy and tourism. The measures were for the start of the pandemic, today maybe they deserve to have more focused tools, for example in young people between 18 and 24 or 28 years old, and in adult women who are heads of household, “he said.

The Chief of Staff also referred to the protests on October 12, which he described as “violent” because of their slogans. “The slogans the other day were among opponents and very violent. There were slogans that wished the president and Cristina (Kirchner) death,” he remarked.

And he closed: “There were first demonstrations or banners that did alert and that we did listen and we took into account and made public policies, which was the zero rate for monotributistas and self-employed workers. But as it was on Monday it is difficult to find something that is not hate speech, And that doesn’t help Argentina to get ahead. ”

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