“We can cover a maximum of 7,000 places in intensive care”


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AGI – “With the staff available we can activate a maximum of seven thousand places in intensive care”. It is the denunciation of Alessandro Vergallo, the secretary of union of anesthetists Aaroi-Emac, in an interview with la ‘Repubblica’ in which the trade unionist explains: “We are around 24% of average occupancy of the beds. We are approaching the famous 30%, considered a worrying indicator “. This is “6,500, because at the moment there are no more”.

However, Vergallo points out, “we do not know what are the criteria on the basis of which intensive diving positions can become more specialized. If we mean a bed simply with a fan and perhaps a monitor, it cannot be considered an intensive place ”.

And then he warns: “However, there would be no staff, which is essential to keep everything going. We have calculated that with the adjustments we are managing to make, that is, the setting up of trainees, the reduction of surgical activities, the recruitment of colleagues who work in the operating rooms, the total blocking of holidays, the zeroing beyond the limit of the permitted rest periods provided for by law, we cannot cover no more than 7,000 seats. We are already at the limit “also because” it is impossible because there are no anesthesiologists on the market ”


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