We have her! This is Sascha Fitness’s favorite abs routine

 We have her! This is Sascha Fitness's favorite abs routine

The best abs routine to tone is one that is done constantly and Sascha Fitness is a faithful example of it. It’s no surprise that his followers constantly ask him the secrets behind his marked abs. The answer is simple: ABS and, as you know, a proper diet for this purpose. Yes, the answer to having a tablet abdomen is in what you eat.

In addition to sharing your abs routine, Sascha Fitness is a Venezuelan personal trainer certified by the International Sports Sciences Association. He also has studies in sports nutrition by the Spanish Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. She gained huge popularity when she decided to pursue her passion and transform her body after the birth of her daughter. With four million followers on his Instagram account (@saschafitness) he shares routines, tips and inspiration.

Sascha Fitness’s Favorite Abs they are efficient and zero sophisticated. These ABS are part of their basic, and they are also the ones that annoy him the least. They are simple exercises that you can do from anywhere you are and without the need for specialized equipment. She does them four times a week on the circuit, consisting of 15 repetitions without rest and for four rounds. Ready to start?


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Keep your abdomen contracted at all times.

Sit on a comfortable base, such as a yoga mat or towel. Place both hands on the side of your body and bend your legs. Take advantage of the support that your hands give to Keep the balance when you project both legs forward and pull your trunk back as well. The legs must be kept suspended at all times. Once you have mastered the balance you can put both hands on your head.


Parts of the same foundation as the previous exercise, but this toning move without resorting to traditional abs, is responsible for working the lateral areas. Cross your legs and stretch them with bent knees until they are parallel to the floor. Try keep you as fixed possible, while holding a light weight dumbbell and going to one side first, a few inches before hitting the floor, and then to the other side.


Yes, the traditional ones.

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Yes, the traditional ones.

Yes, the classics that we all know. You start lying down with your knees bent. Your hands go behind your neck, one over the other. Make the effort to go up, but keep the movements short, while contracting your abdomen throughout. your chin should be slightly pointing towards your belly button.

Crunches in little frog

This movement is exactly the same as the previous one, with the difference that instead of putting the soles of your feet on the floor with legs bent, you should place them so that they find with each other, as in the posture of the wounded. Don’t spread the soles of your feet while doing this movement.

Plank on elbows

Avoid arching your lower back while doing a plank.

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Avoid arching your lower back while doing a plank.

The plates are highly effective for mark abdomen and work with other muscles of the body. The key to seeing results quickly is doing them right. Lie face down and place your elbows on the floor, while your arms form parallel lines. With your feet in flex, you push yourself up to create a straight line. Put strength in your abdomen so you don’t arch your back. This movement you can keep 60 seconds in the first rounds and 30 seconds for the latter, according to the recommendations of Sascha Fitness.

The expert recommends doing each series in a circuit, without breaks until completing the entire round. Once the first set is finished, it stops for a minute or two and starts again. Like this until complete four rounds total. As a recommendation, he suggests always keeping the contracted abdomen and do the movements slowly. This base is ideal to start with and you can add difficulty later with more repetitions or weight.


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